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Asus Touchpad Not Working in Window 10 – 100% Working Solution

Is your “Asus touchpad not working”? Many users complained that their touchpad stopped responding after upgrading to Windows 10.

Users may also encounter this issue if they have recently installed Windows updates. If Windows fails to install the correct drivers, or the Asus touchpad driver is missing, this can cause problems.

If you’ve had the same problem, and want to know how to turn on the touchpad of an Asus laptop again, here are some solutions.

Before we get into the complex and sophisticated solutions, I want to share a quick trick that will make your Asus touchpad work again.

Asus Touchpad Not Working

Many Asus Windows users have complained about Touchpad issues with Windows 10 Asus when they update to Windows8.1/8/7. This is a very common problem.

“My Asus Windows 10 touchpad does not work? Anyways, my laptop was updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 My laptop would turn on for a few seconds, and then it would stop working. It suddenly stopped working. It didn’t work. I tried everything, including fn+f9, but nothing worked. Please help. ”

“I have lost my touchpad on my ASUS after updating from Windows 8 to Windows 10. What should I do? Any ideas? ”

These helpful tips will help you fix the annoying Asus Windows 10 touchpad problem in no time.

Step-1 Use Windows+I Hotkeys or any other preferred way to access the Settings App. You can find Devices in a variety of categories.

Step-2 Open the new page. Click on Touchpad in the left pane.

Step 3: Click on the Additional Setting link. You will see the Mouse Properties popup. Click on the HyperNav tab.

Step 4: Now, quickly move to the TouchPad section. Make sure the Enable TouchPad dialog box has been checked.

Step-5 Click First, apply then OK. Save the modifications by closing.

You can check if the Asus touchpad works or not. If it doesn’t work, you can try the following method.

How to enable/disable Asus TouchPad

It’s planned so you can utilize it when you need, it and afterward, incapacitate it. You just tap the symbol (a virtual button) on the upper right of the touchpad to empower/cripple the showcase of the number pad. At the point when you empower it, the numeric console illuminates inside the touchpad, which is useful for the individuals who need to do mathematical information passages, and so on.

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Note that in any event, when the Numpad is empowered, you can in any case utilize the touchpad for regular mouse developments and tapping, which is particularly shrewd. Yet, a few people find the touchpad mouse developments to NOT be as great an encounter as when this component is DISABLED.

Once more, to cripple the number pad, you basically lengthy press a similar picture/virtual button, and the number pad does not show up anymore.

How To Disable Permanently Asus number Pad”

Maybe like me, you don’t actually require a numeric console by any stretch of the imagination, thus you might like to forever impair the number pad. (Maybe you purchased the machine not so much for that component but rather for different elements of the machine.)

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As I looked through the web (and the Asus webpage) for any clarification of how-to for all-time handicap, I tracked down different ideas (see underneath.) But none functioned admirably for me or didn’t work for all time.

Also, when I previously composed this post, I shared my most memorable endeavored arrangement which I THOUGHT would be super durable…

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