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Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: The Comparison between Furniture Making

Comparison between Teak wood and Sheesham Wood

We learned in our environmental studies textbooks that trees are important for delivering oxygen and food to the world and the people who live in them. However, in addition to giving oxygen, trees are being used to manufacture furniture. There are several applications for wood, including its use as a fuel, the generation of fire, the ability to see in the dark, and many others.

Regardless of furnishings, all of the goods we use are constructed of low-quality materials. Because the wooden teak wood manufacturers want to sell more and more items, they provide low-quality materials, forcing clients to buy frequently. When purchasing furniture, be certain that the wood is original and of the highest quality. The problem is that several wooden producers on the market promise to provide high-quality furniture made from genuine wood.

However, because all other types of wood are local, you should only utilize teak and Sheesham wood in your furniture. If you want to make high-quality, royal furniture for your house that is also sturdy and powerful, only use teak and Sheesham wood. Both have unique purposes and features that you should be aware of before installing wooden teak wood furniture in your home.

Teak Wood 

Teak wood is the highest grade wood used in India for the manufacture of various types of furniture as well as the outfitting of other wooden goods. It is the most durable, sturdy, and dense wood utilized in the production of furniture. Teak wood is derived from the Teak trees of the Tectona Grandis species. It is a dense wood that is used to make various sorts of wooden furniture. Teak trees may be found throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Teak wood comes in a variety of species, including Burmese Teak, Indonesian Teak, Indian Teak, African Plantation Teak wood, South American Teak wood, Brazilian Teak wood, and others. However, the best among these are Burmese Teak wood and Indian Teak wood. Teak wood is a high-density, long-lasting wood that is utilized in the production of furniture. Teak wood furniture may last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Sheesham Wood

This is another type of wood that may be used to make wooden furniture in India. It is also known as Indian Rosewood in India and is derived from the plant Dalbergia Sissoo. The wood is a substitute for Teak wood. Teak wood is a pricey and high-density wood, and if you are unable to utilize teak wood for whatever reason, such as budget, you can use Sheesham wood. But don’t use any other wood than these two; you’ll be sorry. This wood is mostly cultivated in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. It is predominantly cultivated in humid and hot climates. Sheesham wood contains water, which makes it less water-resistant.

Sheesham wood is unquestionably long-lasting. It lasts longer than teak wood but is less durable. Furthermore, it has a lower density than teak wood. The only advantage Sheesham wood has over teak wood is its lower cost. Sheesham wood is a budget-friendly wood that is less expensive than teak wood. Sheesham can be utilized when teak wood is unavailable or the budget is too tight. Also, if teak wood does not meet your requirements, Sheesham wood can. If your house décor does not match teak wood, you may still choose teak wood. However, there are just a few reasons why Sheesham wood should be favored over teak wood. As a result, teak wood is ideal for making wooden furniture.

Now, let’s evaluate these two kinds of wood using key criteria that should be considered while purchasing wooden furniture.

  • Texture: The most significant consideration when purchasing wooden furniture is the texture of the wood. Rough furniture is disliked by everyone. The wood of the Sheesham tree is both sturdy and flexible, making it a great choice for crafting long-lasting furniture in whatever shape you need. Sheesham wood beds outlast other forms of wood beds. Sheesham wood has no oil granules and is not water-resistant; thus, it should be kept dry. Teak wood, on the other hand, has a smooth texture. The grain of the wood is straight, yet it can get twisted or knotted at times. 
  • Weight:- When purchasing wooden furniture, verify the weight of the wood because many dealers may claim that the wood is genuine teak or Sheesham. Teak and Sheesham wood are both heavier than other forms of wood. Check the weight of the wood before purchasing it. When comparing the two, Teak wood is heavier than Sheesham wood due to its rich texture and tensile strength. As a result, teak wood is heavier than Sheesham wood, which is why teak wood is favored over Sheesham wood for making wooden furniture.
  • Durability:- Durability is another important consideration when purchasing wooden furniture for your house. Everyone wants furniture that looks the same even after years of severe use. Teak wood is more durable than Sheesham wood due to its great density and water resistance. Sheesham wood, due to its susceptibility to moisture, does not seem to last for an extended period. Teak wood is hence more durable than Sheesham wood for your home.

  • Cost:- The cost of wood is the most important element influencing the selection. It is a game-changer for Sheesham wood because, while all other variables favor teak wood, this one aspect has the potential to sway your judgment. Sheesham wood is less expensive than Teak wood. In India, excellent grade genuine teak wood costs between ₹2500 and 5,000 per cubic foot. Sheesham, on the other hand, costs just ₹ 1000-1500/- per cubic foot. Choose your desires wisely. And if money is not a problem, go for Teak wood.

  • Flexibility in Usage:- If you want hand-carved furniture in your house, you should acquire one made of Teak wood since carving on Teak wood is simpler than carving on Sheesham wood, according to craftsmen. Carving Sheesham wood is more difficult than carving teak wood. As a result, teak wood is a friendlier wood than Sheesham wood.

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