Signs Of Brake Failure That Require Towing

Functional brakes are essential for driving safety. Brake failure is one of the most severe problems a driver could face. Although most brakes will give warning signs before they fail, your brakes can stop working while you drive suddenly. Before you get into one of the worst scenarios, it is crucial to be familiar with the signs of brake failure.

Signs of brake failure

The brakes of a vehicle play an important role in safety. They allow drivers to stop when they need to. A malfunctioning brake could prove to be dangerous. If you are in this situation, you should immediately call a towing company for vehicle rescue or any other relevant assistance service. Defective brakes can be dangerous to your safety and that of other drivers.

This blog will provide information on the most common signs your car’s brakes may fail. We’ll also explain why it’s essential to call a tow truck.

Weird noises during operation

You may hear a grinding or screeching sound when you apply the brakes. This aspect could indicate that the brake pads are worn out, and the caliper has come into contact with the brake drum.

If you don’t address this problem, it can cause damage to metal braking components and require more expensive repairs. If you hear unusual noises, it is best to take your car to the nearest mechanic. If you have been attending to the noise for some time and have not seen a mechanic nearby, it is best to call a professional towing company.

Soft or lower brake pedal

You will already know the pressure required to apply brakes if you drive often. If your pedal pressure is lower than average, don’t try to drive the car. Instead, it would be best if you immediately addressed your system’s worn brake pads, low brake fluid, or air.

If your brake pedal requires more pressure while driving, contact a professional mechanic to inspect it.

Shaking vehicle or fluid leaks

Your brake drums or rotors may be warped if your car shakes when you brake. If the rotors become warped, it is difficult for brakes to hold and stop the vehicle.

Low fluid levels can cause your anti-lock brake system to blink. This aspect is usually due to a leak. The fluid is essential to activate the system’s braking effort, so this could be a dangerous situation. You should immediately request emergency roadside assistance if the leak is severe.

Pulling to one side

Each wheel has its brake system. Sometimes, one component can be damaged while the rest are functional. As a result, the car will lean towards one side when you stop. The vehicle will still be able to stop in this situation, but it may take longer.

Brakes cave in while driving

You should quickly reduce the speed of your car if your brakes suddenly stop working. Use the emergency brake to turn towards the right. Turn on your warning lights to make space for your vehicle and honk at any passing cars.

You will lose all braking power if you put the car in neutral or turn it off. Do not attempt to drive a vehicle with an unstable brake system. Instead, get professional assistance from a towing company.

Burning smells

You can use a strong chemical burning smell to identify overheated brakes. If you want to avoid brake failure, pull over in a safe place and allow the brakes to cool. You should make sure that the parking brake is fully released. Smoke coming from the wheel could indicate a damaged brake caliper. This situation could make driving dangerous if repairs are not made immediately.

Contact a reliable towing company

Look for a towing company that provides highly trained tow truck drivers, the most modern equipment, and high-quality service. If you live in Boston, look for towing companies that provide excellent tow truck Boston services. We also recommend looking for those who strive to offer clients competitive market rates. 

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