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Why is Canva Graphic Designing So Popular?

If you’re a newbie graphic designer or someone who’s making networks and taking interest in the graphic designing field, many words would hit your ears. There are many popular free or paid tools that graphic designers master to make their work unique and better than everyone else’s. There are many graphic design tools such as Adobe tools, Affinity tools, Gravit designer, Genially and bunch of more. One of them is canva graphic designing which we are about to discuss here

Where there’s creativity, there is opportunity. But it’s not only the creativity that helps you stand apart from the crowd but one must have the right platform to utilise that creativity and give it a realisting picture. For professional graphic designers, one among the best platforms is canva graphic design.

If you are not aware or have little knowledge of canva graphic design, let us explain it to you. The information we are about to discuss might surprise you.

What is Canva Graphic Designing Tool?

Well then, first things first, you might be wondering what exactly is canva graphic designing. For the outline, it’s a graphic designing tool but if you go to the details, it’s more than that.

Canva is an Originally Australian based graphic design tool which is able to create almost every kind of extraordinary visual content. Be it for websites, presentations, social media images, videos, flyers, templates or everything else. Canva graphic design would give a unique touch of perfection to your stunning creativity of graphic designs.

Uses of Canva Graphic Designing

Canva tool is an excellent choice as it is convenient and easy to access yet gives astonishing results. Canva graphic design is suitable to create all possible kinds of visual designs including business brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, logo, presentations, social media images. Nevertheless it also supports video content which falls into the same “visual content” category.

Canva is undoubtedly the most popular graphic designing tool. For being one, it has many advantages.


To crop, resize, colour editing, video transitions, adding or editing texts, merge of videos, photo collage, correcting the tons and what not! canva graphic design tool is created with every possible feature that is available out there.

Complimentary & User-friendly

Canva graphic designing tool is totally free to use. Every kind of feature is available in the free version of it. There are some premium features for the professional designers which can be unlocked as you buy the premium version.
The best thing is, the premium version is not as costly as you would assume. It only cost $12.99/month to become a premium user of canva graphic designing software.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to use for everyone. Be it the professors or students for presentations, someone who wants to promote the business using brochures and flyers by himself, professional graphic designers wanting to utilise the creativity is a precise way. It’s created for everyone. One does not need specific knowledge to use the software.

Difference Between Canva Graphic Designing and Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is a tool that is used for graphic designing and so is canva.

The main difference is one does not need expert skills to use canva whereas one does need designing skills and enough knowledge to use Adobe photoshop.

Photoshop does not need an internet connection to work but canva does. Canva is a web-based tool.

The main reason for Canva Graphic Designing software to be popular is it’s user-friendly. We know that not everyone is a graphics expert. Canva gives the facility to the users to use it
Without any hesitation of not ning the features.

Photoshop is older than canva. Canva is gaining more popularity in general because it’s accessible and free/cheap which makes it the preferable option for the small businesses.

So, if you need to make any graphic and visual content, Canva graphic designing is the stop for you.

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