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Should You Use Open Source Restaurant Ordering System

Get all details and features of using Open Source Restaurant Ordering System

The customer app is a platform that makes the process of knowing the food delivery app, the features, services and offers provided better and easier. It allows the customers to find convenient restaurants or food. Once the order is placed, the payment method is described.

Following are the Key features of the a good Open Source Restaurant Ordering System:

  1. Registration and Profile Creation

This process is the first and important step that needs to be done by the customer to interact with the app.

Simplicity of the registration process plays an important role here. If the process seems too complicated, your customers might choose to not complete the process. Therefore, a quick and easy registration feature is essential. The user to build a profile via social media accounts.

Registration and profile management features need to be supported with a secure and back up to keep the customer’s details and activity safe. Users are allowed to customize the profile according to their liking.

  1. Searching Food

This feature allows the users to search variety of restaurants and dishes. Once they find what they desired on the app, they’re given an option to “quick order”

In addition, the smart list feature categorises restaurants and cuisines by factors like location, food preferences, types of food and cuisines from diverse nationalities available. It also shows the users variety of most searched food.

  1. Reviewing the Restaurant Profile

Restaurant profile plays a major role while ordering food. Users may need to check the location, quality of food and cost. This feature thus helps to guide the customers to compare restaurants and choose what satisfies their wants and needs.

  1. Adding Food to Cart and Scheduling Orders

The Cart feature allows the users to add items from different restaurants as well as locations to the cart. Users can order multiple items at one go, without placing different orders from more than one place.

Another beneficial feature that saves time is to schedule orders. It ensures ordering food and getting it delivered it at the right time. Getting a contactless delivery can be a benefit in the times of the pandemic, attracting the customers to the open source restaurant ordering system.

  1. Convenient Payment Options

A secure and easy payment method is essential for a business app. Payment options offer a wide variety of modes to pay to the customers, which makes it convenient for them. Voucher codes, discounts provided can excite users.

  1. Providing Delivery Person’s Contact Information

Through this feature customers can track the delivery person’s location and reach out to them to track their order. in open source restaurant ordering system

  1. Tracking in Real-Time

This feature makes the usage of the app reliable because they can track the process.

  1. Reviewing Order History

Through this, users can order the same dish again as well as look out for similar options in food and restaurants.

9. Rating the food

This gives users to look out for reviews as well as share experiences.

10. Additional features

These include offers, promos, push notifications that excite customers and update them.

eDeliveryApp provides some of the best and most easy to use and setup open source restaurant ordering systems. you can contact them today.




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