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How to Teach A 6-Year-Old Child to Read Effectively?

According to his birth date, a 6-year-old child is usually in kindergarten or first grade. No two children have the same comprehensive skills. It all depends on the grasping power. Some children are proficient readers, while others take time to grasp the words and pronunciation.

As children are small enough to gather lexical knowledge, it becomes confusing for them to inculcate things. They need patience and a proper strategy to understand words, pronounce words, and read effectively.

Tips For Teaching Your Children to Read Without Difficulty

Read aloud to kids 

Teaching your kid to read is a process that begins in infancy. In infancy, a child’s education helps build and improve reading time and nurture parent-child relationships. And apart from developing bonds, reading to your children helps spark interest in reading and generates curiosity in your child.

While reading aloud, introduce an entertaining tone to keep your children interested. If children don’t start reading and comprehending at an early stage, their development slows down.

Thus, start educating early. It is important to teach your kids 3-4 times a day. Increase the difficulty level as the child matures. Reading aloud helps kids in developing spelling and vocabulary. The best way to teach kids to read is to read aloud to them.

Ask Questions

 Asking questions after reading to your child helps develop concentration and comprehension skills. What is the primary motive for making your kids learn to read? Yes, to understand words and pronunciation.

Some children can decode the words and read them fluently but find it hard to understand the meaning. If a child cannot comprehend what he is reading, then you need to begin from scratch because the primary purpose is to help your kid clear the basics.

For this, you can use the visualisation technique. You can help your kid better understand the words and phrases by using visuals or pictures. It will help them interact with the book and relate well to what you say.

Implement standardised tests

Many towns launch a standardised test for evaluating a child’s progress. These tests are administered throughout the school years, and you can further compare the grades to other students in the same grade.

These tests and the performance can vary in different situations, like if the child is ill or is just simply having a bad day at school. If the child is consistently failing tests and not qualifying them, then parents should request a meeting with the teacher to discuss how to improve the situation.

A decline in performance is a clear sign that your kid needs more attention and concept clearance. Adopt different and simple strategies which help your kid follow the concepts without difficulty.

Stress on phonics

Phonics is the base for reading and interpreting language. Creating an excellent base for phonics is critical to developing the skill of reading.

Pre-schoolers are usually confused with the word-sound correlation in the first-year school. For the same thing, you as parents can engage the child in creative and fun games that help in improving their understanding.

You can help them identify phonics through interesting ways, like using their favourite toys or games. Alternatively, you can engage with your kid and sing a good phonic song. Or you can look for the best learning opportunities for your kid with a 5000-loan for bad credit and ensure your kid’s growth.

It is great to know alphabets and sounds. Rhymes that teach the sounds of the alphabet will help children grasp better. Initially, you can start with phonetics basics and help your children learn simple words.

Pick topics that excite them

One of the best ways to get your kids interesting in learning and reading is by exploring their interests and having the best mix of fiction and non-fiction based on interests. Non-fiction books and stories give your kids a deeper understanding of the world around them and thus are proven to expand comprehension.

Fiction books help kids

Fiction books help kids learn story structure and narrative and thus are engaging to read. If you are still confused about which books will help your kid learn better and share their interests, then you can discuss it with the librarian and sort out the best mix of fiction and non-fiction.

You can create a bookshelf of the child’s favourite and make sure not to force him to cease reading about the topic he/she enjoy.

Parents should Read too

At the point when you read, your kid will be propelled to read as well

Sinking into a decent book shows good nurturing! Kids are smart, so they can rapidly detect when they are given something that is “ideal for them” as opposed to something for just fun.

So, assuming you model an inspirational perspective regarding reading, your kid will consider reading to be a pleasurable action. At the point when you talk about the books you’re reading, you’re training her/him to do likewise.

Whenever it’s a stormy day, make yourself some tea and twist up with a decent book, magazine, paper, or tablet; this might rouse your little one to do likewise. Or you may begin family reading time: Plan 15 to 30 minutes after supper or on a Saturday morning when everybody sits down and reads.

One more incredible method for imparting your love for reading to your kid is to draw a “wish list” together. Over dinner, you can begin the discussion with prompts like, “I think I need to read a story about a pirate next. What will you read about?” Next time you’re requesting books or getting them from the library, you’ll both furnish with your fantasy reading list.

Learning with interesting games

When children are taught in a fun way, they learn better. You can turn anything into a game if you want your children to learn. You can practice games like magnetic letters, play dough, and sand and teach your kids the art of learning creatively and faster.

You can play scrabble, asking kids to join letters or two different words with different meanings. And even convert their bathing and dining time into something interesting, like playing with foams creating letters, etc.

So, this is how you can teach a 6-year-old to read and comprehend phonetics and spelling well. There are many other ways to do so. Children should encourage and reward for every slight effort they make towards progress, and it will help create a better learning experience.


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