Professional Indemnity Insurance Suitable For Personal Trainer?

What is personal trainers’ professional liability insurance?


As a personal trainer, you assist a variety of clients each day in achieving their fitness objectives by offering them training advice and pushing them to their physical limitations in order to achieve the necessary outcomes. One of the biggest hazards you face as a personal trainer is the fact that your clients turn to you for advice on their fitness and health goals.


We are all human, so there is always a chance that mistakes will be made and the incorrect advice will be offered when you give personal counsel to your clients regarding their particular health and fitness. Although you could believe that giving them advise is the best course of action, you might not be fully aware of their circumstances, leaving your client open to suffering harm. That’s why you may consider a professional indemnity insurance to cover any possible liability in future.


As a personal trainer, some of the key exposures you could experience include:


-Providing erroneous dietary guidance


– Failing to recognise a client’s limitations and injuring them by pushing too hard


– Lack of expertise or experience with specific exercise equipment, failure to use it properly, which results in injury


– Making training regimens that are inappropriate for the customer owing to their age, health, or other circumstances.


What is covered by personal trainers’ professional liability insurance?


One of the first insurances you should think about as a personal trainer is professional liability insurance (also known as E&O insurance). Unlike general liability insurance, which normally provides coverage for accidents like slips and falls and damage to third-party property, it provides coverage for those who offer professional services and advice to clients. You can feel at ease when receiving bad expert advise thanks to professional liability insurance.


As there is a widespread misperception that a General Liability policy would also cover for professional errors, it is imperative to understand the key distinctions between Professional Liability and General Liability. A General Liability policy does not cover advise you give in your official role, as was already mentioned.


General Liability claim illustration: A customer trips over and sprains their ankle after you wipe the floor without putting up a “wet floor” warning sign. General Liability would cover the case in this situation. However, you would require professional liability insurance in this situation if your client was following a fitness regimen you had especially created for them and they damaged their ankle because the weights you suggested they use were too heavy.


Even if you were not found to be culpable, professional liability may reimburse the expense of defending the claim in addition to any settlement or judgement that is given in a case. Many small businesses cannot afford to pay the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, that employing a lawyer may cost.


Bottom Line:


As a personal trainer, you assist clients attain their fitness objectives by offering training recommendations and pushing them to their limits. We’re human, so it’s possible to make mistakes when delivering health and fitness advise to clients. Personal trainers should consider Professional Liability (E&O) insurance first. A prevalent misperception is that a General Liability policy will also cover professional blunders. General Liability policies exclude professional advice. General Liability claim example: You mopped the floor but failed to put up a “wet floor” notice, and a customer sprains their ankle.


If a customer was following a fitness plan you established for them and damaged their ankle due to excessive weights, you would require Professional Liability coverage. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers a lawsuit’s settlement or judgement and the cost to defend it, even if you weren’t negligent.


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