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PCOD: Symptoms, Causes, Problems, and Treatments

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. A medical condition in females, where the ovaries of women produce several immature eggs and over time it turns into cysts the ovaries is known as PCOD. As we know, the ovary is the female reproductive organ. Ovaries are responsible for the production of several hormones such as progesterone, relaxin, estrogen, inhibin, etc and it also controls the menstrual cycle along with these hormones. Sometimes PCOD creates infertility, but people are a little bit relaxed after introducing IVF. As there are so many IVF courses in India.

It occurs because the hormones of females get imbalanced due to which several symptoms can be seen in such a condition including irregular menstrual cycle, weight gain, hirsutism, acne, difficulty conceiving, and the absence of ovulation. PCOD is also known as PCOS which stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If you feel any symptoms of it then do not ignore it. If it is left untreated you can face some complications including obesity, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes.

Common Symptoms of PCOD

One can notice the signs and symptoms of PCOD in the first menstruation cycle at puberty. But in some cases, it arises due to increased weight too over the years.

Symptoms of PCOD are as follows

  • Weight gain
  • Increase in androgen levels
  • Irregular periods or delayed
  • Due to immature eggs delayed menstrual cycle
  • Acne on the skin
  • Hair loss due to increment of male hormones in the body

Causes of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

Family History

If anyone in the family has PCOD then there is a 50% chance of having PCOD in other females of the family. It leads to type 2 diabetes as you grow older. 

Insulin resistance & Lifestyle

In 70 % of women, PCOD has been because by insulin resistance. Due to this, the pancreas produces insulin and it hampers the body because of producing more insulin. As result, it tends to PCOD.

Factors of Insulin Resistance:

  • Genetic factors
  • Being overweight (related to diet and inactivity)
  • Both of these factors together


Once women gain weight then she can have PCOD due to being overweight. In some cases,it was seen that there are no symptoms like an irregular menstrual cycle but these symptoms can be seen once she starts to gain weight. 

How PCOD is diagnosed?

As one should know that no particular test is available to confirm PCOD. Doctors can ask you about your medical history. Your doctor will recommend you for certain tests. The results of these tests combined will decide whether you have PCOD or not. Those tests are following here:

  • A pelvic examination
  • Blood tests 
  • Ultrasound for your ovaries and the uterus appearance

Problems associated with PCOD

  • Infertility
  • Increased cholesterol, blood glucose levels, High Blood Pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Miscarriages
  • Type2 diabetes
  • Depression
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Chronic Liver inflammation

Diet to Treat PCOD

Lifestyles matter a lot for those women who are suffering from PCOD. Even sometimes it can be cured once you modify the way you live your life. You can check here the foods which can treat PCOD. 

  • Nuts and legumes
  • Fish
  • Whole grain
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Natural, unprocessed food
  • Spinach, kal,e, and other leafy vegetables
  • Foods high in fiber
  • Broccoli and cauliflower

Exercises for PCOD

There are some exercises that you can do to prevent you from PCOD. Before this, you must reduce your Body Mass Index to maintain your body weight. Types of exercises you can follow are following here:

  • High-Intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Cardiovascular workouts
  • Mind-body exercises
  • Strength training
  • Interval training


To sum up, it can be concluded that there is no particular cause for PCOD. Once you get to know that you have PCOD then you should leave it untreated otherwise you can get complications in your pregnancy. Although IVF has become a lucky charm for couples who are not able to conceive a baby. Even several IVF training courses in India are growing quickly.

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