7 ways to rebuild your old car with new car technology

The car maintenance and repairing task don’t always have to be done in the car showrooms or garages, you can easily get it done in your garage or at your home. You also don’t need to spend $40,000 on a new car when you can rebuild your old car with the new car technology by having reliable aftermarket parts.

Time has moved on since you last bought a car. You might love the reliable, and low mileage car parked in your garage, but being an old model, you still need to make a call while using your handsfree and turning off your favorite song you were listening to.

However, you are not required to spend $35,000 on a new car just for the sake of having a rear backup camera or other high-tech features which you are lusting after.

If you have $550 in your pocket, and you are looking for ways in which you can rebuild your car with reliable aftermarket parts, then here’s a small guide for you.

1. Backup Camera

One of the most safety features on the automobile market today is the backup camera. According to consumer reports, it was revealed that the drivers having backup cameras are ranked as the most reliable and useful. In vehicles like trucks and SUVs, the backup camera shows the blind spot with the help of the rear tailgate. A basic backup camera will cost you less than $50.

2. Blindspot warning and traffic alert

By adding radar sensors to your car, you can enjoy more safety features. It helps you in changing lanes and warns you ahead if your car is in a blind spot.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

It is another upgrade to your car and can prevent you from getting a traffic ticket. This will help you attend calls without using hands-free and putting the phone with your ears. It is a basic upgrade that might cost you below $25 as it has a simple plug-and-play feature.

Since it is quite dangerous to use the phone while you are driving, it is necessary to have Bluetooth connectivity which is an ultimate life saver. The new models of car which are introduced in the automobile sector enables the driver to have hands-free system and receive calls without taking the eyes off the road minimizing the chances of accidents.

4. Tunes, apps, and directions

The use of a touch screen will help in accessing different tunes, apps, and directions if you connect it with your mobile phone. Prices range from $50 to $500.

5. Heated and massaging seats

On long drives, the use of massaging seats will let you feel refreshed and stay alert. There are several models which are available for $100. You only need to place and plug it into the power source of your car.

6. Replace dim lights with bright lights

You can opt for replacing the dim lights of your car with more bright lights to give a Supra feel to your car. Also, you can simply clean the ground connection while restoring the brightness of dim headlights and then apply dielectric grease.

Indeed, the hardest part of the upgradation here is to choose a new bulb where you want to spend more time in shopping for the bulbs and then install them. The choices are oftentimes confusing and makes your mind jumbled up. It is also difficult to make comparison in terms of life span, brightness level, energy consumption and light color.

7. Sound System

You can now focus on upgrading your sound setup. Throw out the old-fashioned radio unit and install the satellite radio and music system. This can cost you around $62 for a good-quality sound system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to upgrade my dashboard of the car?

  • Fix scratches and cracks on your dashboards with adding all-fit gap trim
  • Apply interior vinyl to your dashboard
  • Upgrade it with the LED lights

How can I upgrade my car interior?

  • Replace floor mats
  • Get a proper car wash
  • Invest in good quality paint
  • Perform regular maintenance checks
  • Get a new stereo or car play
  • Repair scratches and dents

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