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Mobile App Maintenance: Everything you need to know

The world is evolving and growing every day. We have developed from telegram to quick WhatsApp messages, television to Netflix, and live tournaments to live streaming. As the digital era takes over the world and our lives have become more digital, SMBs and large corporations have an excellent opportunity to market their goods and services to their target audience whenever and wherever they choose.

Mobile Applications:


Mobile applications are one widely used purchasing method that many brands use to reach out to their customers. With their user-friendly features, simple navigation, and app notifications that give their clients a FOMO effect every time they unlock their phones, these mobile apps have entirely changed the trend of how we connect with a brand. The key to making a mobile application stand out is its simplicity and innovation, giving business owners and marketers fantastic opportunities to reach out to their target audience.

Did you know that there are currently 6.648 billion smartphone users worldwide, which equates to 83.40% of the world’s population owning a smartphone? This indicates a sizable market and significant potential for brands to advertise their products and services. As smartphone users dramatically rise, so does the demand for professional mobile app developers and mobile app maintenance services.

Because clean code is what makes a mobile app successful. From idea generation through implementation, and finally, fantastic promotion in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Creating a mobile application is difficult, as programmers and tech specialists need a lot of labor and creativity.

So let’s imagine that you successfully built and introduced your product to the market. Does that indicate that everything is done? Well, it is not. Similar to maintaining your electronic gadget, a great app requires continuous mobile app maintenance. You must keep an eye on its functionality, address defects, and ensure that your application’s end users receive timely upgrades. Every mobile app should develop over time and introduce fresh features to stay competitive in the market. If the release of mobile apps signifies continuous growth, removing outdated apps is equally a cause for concern. According to data provided by SportsLens.com, more than 1.1 million apps were taken down from the Google Play Store in the first half of 2022.

This blog will teach you everything you need to know about maintaining mobile apps and shed some light on a subject we frequently overlook.

The significance of maintaining and updating a mobile application

Here are the primary advantages of updating and maintaining your mobile application, which you should consider if you want to run an innovative business:

  1. Reduce uninstalls and release timely updates

Whatever motivates people to download your mobile app must be distinctive and stand out. People are very conscious of what they want and what they install on their devices, so brands should release updates on time to minimize the number of uninstalls. It is also critical to comprehend user needs and expectations to provide features and functionalities that appeal to them. More than 20% of millennial users have removed apps only due to poor logo display on mobile devices.

Therefore, they are undoubtedly unwilling to make even a tiny compromise regarding its features, functionality, look, or feel. People won’t hesitate to uninstall them if something doesn’t seem to live up to their expectations.

So what can be done to stop uninstalls and provide a timely update to your users? The solution is to give an update that meets market demands, add more features, obtain customer feedback, and update your apps as necessary. Take the measures needed to update your app with the newest features and APIs to avoid being cleaned up by the AppStore. Also, follow the standard guidelines of Google or Apple to prevent having your app deleted from the play store due to guideline violation.

  1. Deliver Better User Experiences

There is no shortcut to the growth and development of your mobile app; you must devote more resources to ensuring that users have a positive user experience. After all, you design mobile apps to give users a better experience.

An excellent user experience facilitates:

  • Increase in user retention
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Create enduring connections with your audience
  • Get more favorable comments and ratings.
  • A rise in traffic
  • Higher conversion rates

By providing a distinctive and improved user experience, you may make consumers feel more engaged and give them satisfying interactions that encourage brand loyalty.

  1. Minimizing Service Outages and Revenue Losses

Repeated downtime incidents may disappoint customers, easily converting into negative customer feedback and a decreased brand reputation. Famous companies like Blackberry, Bank of America Online Banking, and Amazon Web Services have all experienced significant revenue losses due to downtime. By regularly updating and maintaining your mobile application, your mobile app downtime can be minimized.

  1. Defending Against Cyberattacks with Your Mobile App

The threat of data is one of the main dangers that many brands now face.

Hacker attacks, server failure, or network theft may be corrupted, damaged, or stolen due to a lack of security. The growth of mobile apps naturally raises concerns about the app’s security because data hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to steal sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers. This is where app maintenance plays a huge and vital role. To prevent data theft, all mobile developers and mobile app maintenance should update the apps with the latest security protocols.

To sum it up,

In today’s world, a company’s or organization’s mobile applications are just as significant as its brand website. However, creating unique mobile applications is just the start of the process. Along with technology, our users’ expectations are also changing every second. With so much work that goes into developing a mobile application, the same effort goes into maintaining one. Monitoring the performance of applications after their deployment and making the necessary alterations/upgrades at regular intervals is also essential for the success of mobile applications.

So if you’re looking for a mobile app maintenance service, Pravaah consulting – Mobile App Development Company In USA can take care of everything from building one to maintaining your mobile apps quickly and efficiently.


We are a progressive business transformation agency that provides turn-key solutions to the challenges of the digital and technological domains. Our handpicked team consistently delivers quality solutions backed by their farsightedness and result-oriented approach, which often exceed client expectations.

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