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How To Get Started On Real Life Story Books

Real life story books have an abundance in the book market. You will find an endless supply in each bookstore you visit. If you are opting to add your book to that shelf then you need to understand that not all books make it to the top.

This means that only the top-selling books in the world are put on top shelves of bookstores that help facilitate their sales. Other books of any other niche or genre end up being overshadowed and unidentifiable as a result.

This means you have to up your game and ensure that your life story book has the same elements in place to be displayed beside the other best-selling books, particularly autobiographies. Of course, this is easier said than done. Many would-be writers especially newbies are not privy to the secrets behind writing a book that will make a big splash in the market like that of JK Rowling.

First, it is important to note that the autobiography you will be writing is non-fictional. That means you are writing stories and events in your life that happened.

The best tactic in starting with your content is to divide each portion of your life for each book.  The first book will be your initial project. It is not necessary to write down the entirety of your life story in one book.

The next strategy is to grab a pen or paper and start writing down your story without delay. You can also open up a laptop and start typing it out.

The first thing you can write is what makes you the person that you are today. Describe your character in detail. Write down your background and your family history in the mix.

You can expand on your background by mentioning your favorite pass time, childhood memories, and experiences in your school years. Specific incidents in school affected on your life. Talk about your interests and your talents in your early school periods. Elaborate on how your parents were and how they raised you. You can also write down your hobbies.

The next phase can be about your college days, military history, sports, sating, or studies in general. But it is better to pick out the few moments that had a strong impression on your life be they positive or negative. You do not have to provide the nitty-gritty details of each account of your adult life.

Then you can focus on the main point of your story. The purpose of your story and why you even wanted to write this story in the first place. Focus on that special moment in your life. It can be a trauma or an achievement. No matter what, this sole incident is something that shaped your entire life. This should be the focal point of your book.

Expand on the lessons you have learned from that experience. Make it as theatrical as you want but with limitations. Your emotions, feelings, and sense of understanding are important enough to be added to the content. Once that book is launched you can decide how to proceed with the next one should the first one do well.

Writing a life story book is an important moment in the lives of a person be it the author or otherwise. The good thing about an autobiography is that many of these writers do not need to be professional authors to pen their life stories. They can simply take a pen and start writing on paper or typing down their content on a computer.

They are hoping that their books will make a big splash in the sea of books on the market. The trouble is that life story books are abundant and already available in the market. Many of them are written by best selling book authors. It is not an easy endeavor for many authors to try and make their autobiographies into a top selling books in the world especially if they are not household names in the industry.

It takes certain techniques and procedures to accomplish something so crucial. Memoirs are of course the priority for any writer. Memoirs focus on the recollection of emotions, memories, and feelings that are written entirely from the perspective of the writer. The point of the memoirs is to capture certain moments in life that will make an impact on the reader. Such memoirs particularly when it comes to contemplating the past concerning events and symbolism have a therapeutic effect on the writer.

Your writing needs to be on a level where the reader does not have to find a dictionary to understand your words. Make it simple yet serious. Nobody wants to invest their time in intellectual content that is meant for those who are well-versed in advanced English.

Then you need to establish a timeline of chapters. You need to pick out where the start your story and how you progress with each chapter. Make the headings of the chapters enticing. The content has to be a page-turner. Increase the interest of the reader. Try and consider yourself as one of the readers and how they would perceive the book. Now, this does not mean you have to write Sidney Sheldon styled books. But on a serious note, you have to retain the interest of the reader from start to finish.

Appearance and illustration are equally as important as the content of your book. This means that the imagery you showcase in your book has to be alluring and attention-grabbing. The iconography and the visuals have enough impact to convince readers that this is the book for them. You can take inspiration from similar autobiographies and see their style of illustrations. A summary at the back of your book should focus on the purpose of your book and what kind of story you want to convey to your readers.

Readers do not simply just start reading books unless they are in a library. They observe the illustration and the first page of the book to determine whether they want to entertain enough to buy it. That is why you need to put extra attention to the overall outlook of your book.

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