Guide on How to Choose the Best Towel Radiator

In the previous era, in British homes towel radiators or heated towel rail was seen as a great indulgence for many people. Now heated towel rail is a must have item which is essentially known for playing its role of drying function or giving heat in bathroom suites, as it comes with more intelligent design, better materials, affordable pricing etcetera. If you want to know the best towel radiators, then consider its colour, projection, installation location, size, heat output, either its floor mounted, or wall mounted and its finish. Considering these factors might help you in finding the best heat radiators. Best towel rail colours come in white, black, silver, and anthracite colours which might be suitable as per each preference. Similarly, the popular heat radiators consist of several finishes which are polish, satin, and chrome. If you are looking for a sophisticated and cleaner finish than polish would be best for you. Majority of people use chrome plated finish of towel radiators in their bathrooms, while for perfect matching in the kitchen the stain works amazing. 

A Guide on how to choose the Best Towel Radiator

This guide might help you in choosing the best towel radiator for your place. Closely follow this guide to get the most of it. 

Take Height into Consideration

You might need to take the height of towel rails in consideration before buying them. It could be hard to think about heights, as if you are wanting for space. If you are planning to free-up space below for storage, then a smaller heated towel rail could be mounted at waist level. The best tip would be to investigate all options before buying them, either small or larger heights for the best wall for your towel rail.

Assess your space

You are required to assess your space before you actually choose your towel rail. Similarly, by all means, indulge in a full-size towel heater, if you are blessed with a big bathroom.  Make sure you wouldn’t require an area for anything else, as it would dominate most of the wall heated towel rail would be mounted on. 

Get to know of how to use Towel Rail

You need to consider how to use your towel rail in the most appropriate manner. To illustrate it further you can think of how to use space? a number of towels on the heated towel rail and where to install heated towel rails. Probe yourself, imagine the installation process and how it would look if installed properly ( don’t miss any step!). Ensure you use your space properly and don’t miss any spot. Before buying the best towel radiator, once view the space of installation sl you can buy best-fitted rail. 

Make your Towel Rail a Focal Point

Get a heated towel rail which is best suited with your tiles white on or white works well, as if it prefers your rail to blend in. Your bathroom focal point should be to make your towel heater. You can add striking curved designs, colours, textures, and bold colours to it. 

Measuring capacity 

Function is equally as important as form, where your bathroom towel rail is concerned. Moreover, to help with your research, you can create a useful calculator for guidance use. This might help you in measuring the capacity of your towel rail for best results.

A question of style 

Style is the significant part which helps in choosing the best towel rail. You can choose the style of your heated towel from various styles as per your choice. Always prefer to go with your own personal taste, which might work best with the rest of the bathroom décor. Feel free to choose from a traditional or ultra-modern design of the best towel radiator. 

Choose a string finish for your towel rail 

You will need to select the best finish, once you have decided your heated style, shape, and size. Feel free to choose from polished gold, antique brass, brushed nickel, polished nickel, polished brass or from chrome. Consider going for various best towel rails to get your best purchase of a luxury or traditional collection of these heated radiators. 

Final Thoughts 

Follow the above-mentioned guide to choose from the best towel radiator for your bathroom or kitchen. 


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