Is It Worth Having A Tour Guides In Istanbul?

The main reason is that Istanbul is a city with beautiful architecture, which is perfectly shown by split D-K charts. In our experience, most Istanbul attractions have limited signs or explanations, especially in English, so having a guide can help bring the place to life. We visited most of the places in Istanbul with a guide for the first time, and then returned on our own. I don’t think you need a guide, but I sometimes find guided tours (in a very small group or one on one) useful if I’m only in town for a day or so. Istanbul tour guides say a lot of this but are they right? Here we will discuss this.

Private guides

Therefore, it is advisable to have a private guide for you and your family on a tour of Istanbul. The flexible tour itinerary is the most preferred feature of a private tour guide in Istanbul. Istanbul Private Day Tour will provide you with a flexible tour itinerary that you can customize according to your interests in the city. See the sights of Istanbul that interest you the most on a private tour with a private guide.

Take a sightseeing tour of Istanbul and learn from professional guides who will show you the best sights in the city. Enjoy exciting historical and cultural facts of the city with these most popular and visited monuments and city walking tours, double-decker bus tours, Bosphorus cruise, and more. like this one or this one, which will include most of these places, as well as provide you with a lot of historical context and information about what you see. You will enjoy these tours, as they are distinguished by the quality of service and the mark of excellence.

visiting Istanbul

Anyone visiting Istanbul will be happy to get in touch and ask about this tour – you won’t be disappointed. As mentioned in the itinerary, a great way to see Istanbul is on foot. In our opinion, the old part of the city we walked on the first day of this route was a great option for the hike.

Today we explore the cosmopolitan side of Istanbul on a walking tour of the new district with its Art Nouveau facades, restaurants, and trendy boutiques. This morning, we’ll travel back in time again on a guided tour to see the beautiful Iznik tiles, Greek and Roman sculptures, and colorful Babylonian frieze of the world-class Istanbul Archaeological Museum. You’ll enjoy the great outdoors on a scenic Bosphorus cruise, and a guided walk through Istanbul’s old, new, and historic walls. On a 1- or 2-day private walking tour, you’ll discover the magic of Istanbul with a skip-the-line ticket.


I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to know more about Istanbul. Book a private full-day or half-day tour with a local and you are sure to see much more of Istanbul than you will find in the guidebooks. And this tour will take you through doors that only an Istanbul insider can open: your Turkish guide, Rick Steves. Our acquaintance with Istanbul begins with a tour of the luxurious Topkapi Palace and the Harem of the Ottoman Sultans.

You will enjoy Topkapi Palace and the famous part of the harem with one of the few historical guides available in Istanbul, who will tell you about every detail and history of the museum, as well as take a detailed look at the halls, gardens, galleries, collections, and decorations of the past and present, telling the history of Topkapi Palace. This is our Istanbul Welcome Card which offers detailed tours in English of Istanbul’s most visited attractions. This is our employee who conducts detailed tours in English of the most visited attractions in Istanbul.

Istanbul speaks English

Our guides know Istanbul and its surroundings very well, speak English, and can also help you communicate better during your stay in Turkey. Very responsive and well communicative local councils, very knowledgeable and first-hand. They took care of all the details and let us focus on enjoying the city, its culture, history, architecture, and great food.

This is our first private tour and I would recommend this company for private tours in Istanbul. My family and I visited Istanbul from December 17th to 21st and took a private tour of Istanbul with Tariq and his staff during our visit. I decided to book a private tour of Tariq and Istanbul four times. Some current tours include Istanbul Helicopter Tour, Street Art Day Tour, Spirit Sunday Walk, Istanbul Bike and Bite Tour, and I’m Boating Istanbul Tour (among many others).

Istanbul secrets

One of Istanbul’s many hidden gems, accessible only by water. Istanbul Travel Studio, founded in 2013 by Sinan Sokmen, provides fully personalized travel services in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. This includes visits to the Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Cistern Cathedral, Dolmabahce Palace, Grand Bazaar, and Blue Mosque, as well as airport transfers and a Bosphorus dinner cruise. Important information on all of the above can be found in our travel terms and conditions.

00 at our hotel in Istanbul’s historic Karakoy district. In this guide, we will share with you a detailed itinerary for two days in Istanbul. We have selected three guides that offer a personalized yet completely local experience, as well as tours full of detailed historical information for those who want a deeper insight into Istanbul’s centuries-old history.

You can visit it only with a guided tour, tickets can be purchased on the spot. Although not advertised as such, the book could easily serve as a walking guide to the city. Located next to the Spice Bazaar and just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. For us, the most interesting activity in Istanbul was the ferry ride across the Bosphorus, which ends in a beautiful village by the Black Sea with excellent restaurants where you can have lunch before returning.


Although the cost of a guide may vary slightly between travel agencies, it is about the same in the city. Find out how much you have to pay for a particular trip, and take plenty of small bills and coins with you to pay accurately. Meters show rates in Turkish lira, but drivers may try to make you pay in dollars or euros; make it clear that you will pay them in lira when you get in the taxi and ask them to turn on the meter.

In the end

In hindsight, it would have been a good idea to use their services for booking hotels and events in Istanbul, as Tarik, knowing the area so well, had a deep understanding of where to stay, what to do in his spare time, and how to get there. best in the round. More about Istanbul at Showaround.com.

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