How Virtual Reality Changed the Landscape of the Gaming Industry

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Technology has changed the perspective we look at various aspects of life. Considerable advancements in science and technology can advance different areas. For example, the gaming world has been immensely impacted by these developments. From the snake games on our mobiles to the Call of Duty games on our network devices, the graphics involved in today’s games have evolved rapidly. Modern technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc., have completely changed how we view gaming. Gaming is not now merely passive activity; it has evolved to bring under itself active exercises for someone who doesn’t want to go outside.

Virtual Reality In Modern Gaming

Virtual Reality has enabled developers to create another world of gaming realities. It has created a three-dimensional surrounding in the gaming module. You may not be in a boxing ring, but the environment, the opponents, and the controllers in your hand will create a completely indistinguishable surrounding. You will leave the present reality and can immerse yourself in anything. From experiencing the terrifying roller coaster to bungee jumping from the tallest mountains, you can have a unique experience without moving outside your home. You can physically connect with your distant friends by being involved in the same environment. This has brought gamers around the world together.

The Hardware Involved In This New Arena

The VR world has evolved so much that new controllers and physical devices have reduced the lag and nausea typically associated with this gaming. VR headsets have completely revolutionised this sphere. Various VR headsets available in the market are- Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, PlayStation VR, Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive etc. Each upgrade has personalised the user’s experience and given more features to the game itself. Some headsets offer room range VR capabilities, whereas some work best if seated or stationary. It is also used for new drivers or military training; such is its capability to depict real-life scenarios.

The most important constituents in a Virtual reality setup are the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). The GPU part is something that differentiates it from traditional computers. The CPU or the processor is responsible for the various happenings in the simulated world; it controls sensors used by the players and displays the output on the screen. The GPU takes care of the video, how the showing will be done, and various calculations involving lighting, shading and special effects. The type of the game decides the balance between CPU and GPU required, with a greater importance being given to GPU.


Various hand controllers and gloves have sensors that detect the player’s movement. Biosensing is the process by which you can detect another person’s presence in the game. The sensors record the slightest indication that we make in space. Based upon the data picked up by the sensors, the computer analyses that movement and triggers the responses within the environment of the VR game.

This feature has provided an immersive experience to the users that have increased the popularity of this type of gaming. It has digitally extended the horizon of reality throughout space. It has boosted attraction and retention among gaming players. It’s has also brought towards it the occasional gamer. The feeling of holding the steering wheel while driving or operating the machine cub on a war footing is something that has increased the popularity of this gaming industry.

Remarkable VR Games

1. Beat Saber- Beat Saber is undoubtedly the most popular game in the VR industry. It attracts people throughout the age group. The game is set in a neon environment where the player concerned slices cubes in indicated directions at various musical tones.

2. Golf Simulator- Golf is a sport which requires a golf court that is only available at select locations. Hence providing an Indoor Golf Simulator saves money and time and gives better accessibility to golf enthusiasts for playing.

VR gaming has truly changed the way people look at the gaming industry. It has found its use in different areas of life. One can now create a completely different social setting through Facebook Metaverse. This is how much VR games have progressed. One can only imagine where this field will lead and where it will find its next applications.

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