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How to Save OLM Files on Windows OS?

ecopostings: Want to save OLM files on Windows OS? But, you are having difficulty importing. Then, this article will explain the different methods to import OLM files on Windows.

Microsoft has created two separate Outlook programs for Mac and Windows users. The work of both programs is the same, that is to save or manage emails, contacts, and calendars. But there are also many differences between them. The main difference is that both use different file formats. Outlook for Windows uses a PST file to save the data. Whereas, Outlook for Mac uses OLM files to save the data. As a result, you cannot use OLM files in Windows Outlook.

Reasons to Save OLM Files in Windows OS

OLM file saves the data from Outlook Mac and PST file saves the data from Windows Outlook. According to this. Many times we need to send the data to the other operating system. Such as importing an OLM file in Windows. That’s why, in this, we will share some scenarios, where we need to save OLM files in Windows OS.

  • You have to send OLM files to your friend and your friend uses the Windows system. Then, you have to convert the OLM file into PST.
  • One reason is also that you now use Windows over Mac. and want to transfer your old data from Mac to Windows.
  • It is also used if you have an orphaned OLM file and want to retrieve the data.

Methods to Save OLM Files in Windows OS

OLM and PST files are both different file formats. OLM file used in Outlook for Mac. and PST file in Outlook for Windows. So, we cannot save OLM files in Windows OS directly. For that, we have to take an indirect approach or take help from an intermediate. Therefore, here, we use two methods to import OLM files to Windows. The first method is the manual method. In this, we use the IMAP server as an intermediate between Mac and Windows Outlook. This method is free but it has various drawbacks such as, it is a long process. Thus, we use a second method: a professional method to save OLM files in Windows OS. In this, we are going to take help from a third-party tool. This tool is free and offers various features. So, it is a good method. So, two methods we use to import OLM files in Windows.

  • Manual method: here we use the IMAP server as an intermediate between Mac and Windows systems.
  • Professional method: in this, we use a third-party tool that converts OLM files to PST.

Manual Method to Save OLM Files in Windows OS

As an OLM file cannot save into Windows. Then, we use the IMAP server as an intermediate to import OLM files in Windows Outlook. Because, IMAP will act like a storage device between two systems, where you can copy the data. So, to save OLM files in Windows OS using this method is in five steps. 

  1. Create an IMAP server email account. 
  2. Configure your account in Mac Outlook.
  3. Transfer the data from Mac Outlook to the account. 
  4. Configure the same account to Windows Outlook.
  5. Move all the data to Windows Outlook. 

Step1: Create IMAP Server Email Account

This is the first step to save OLM files in Windows OS. here, you are going to create a Gmail account. If you have an account and want to transfer the OLM files to this account. So, you can skip this step and follow step 2. But, make sure that all IMAP settings are enabled, otherwise it creates problems.

  • Go to the Gmail application. Click the gear button in the top right corner. Then, select the Settings option.
  • There, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab at the top.
  • Now, check the IMAP column. Enable the IMAP, if it is disabled. Click on the Save button.

Step2: Configure your Email account to Mac Outlook

After enabling the IMAP server in your email account. Now, it’s time to configure that account in the Mac Outlook. 

  • Open the Mac Outlook program.
  • On the menu bar, click the Tools tab. Then select the Accounts option.
  • On the pane of the screen, click on the + sign button. There you can add your Windows account.
  • Click on the email address and enter your email address, password, and Gmail account username.
  • Now, in the incoming server, enter “imap.gmail.com
  • Select the Use SSL connect option and as an Outgoing server, enter “smtp.gmail.com
  • After entering it, check the options under the Outgoing server.
  • Enter 465 in the Outgoing port and click on Add account button.
  • On the left side, a yellow button is there. Here, it is there to confirm your connection is made. If the button turns green, then, it means the password you have provided is correct and the connection is made.

Step3: Transfer data from Mac Outlook to your Email Account

This is the next step to save OLM files in Windows OS, after configuring the account. Here, we transfer the data you want from the OLM file to the account.

  • On the Mac Outlook, find your mailbox folder.
  • Select the mailbox folder you want to export. Right-click the folder and click the Copy option.
  • After clicking that option. Now, choose the folder in Gmail, where you want to move the data.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can see a navigation bar. 
  • After uploading the data, refresh your Gmail account.

Step4: Configure the Same Account in the Windows Outlook

So far, we create an IMAP account, configure the Gmail account in Mac Outlook and move the data from OLM files in the account. Now, we are going to configure the same account in the Windows system. Following are the steps.

  • On the Windows system, open the Outlook program.
  • Click the File option on the menu bar. From the drop-down list, select Info. then, Account settings.
  • Click on the New button. Now, check the additional server type option.
  • Click on the internet email option and provide the same email address, password, and username you use in Mac Outlook.
  • Now, select IMAP as the account type.
  • Type imap.gmail.com in the incoming server and in the outgoing server type smtp.gmail.com
  • After that, click on the More settings option. Selecting the Outgoing server requires an authentication option.
  • In the advanced tab, enter Incoming server port 993.
  • Select SSL in the encryption type. After that, type 465 in the Outgoing server port.
  • Click on the OK button and select Test account settings. Finally, click the Finish button.

Step5: Transfer the Data from the OLM file to Windows Outlook

At last, move your OLM file data to Windows.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on settings
  • On the top of the screen click on forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
  • Under the IMAP access. Click on the IMAP option.
  • Click on to enable Auto Expunge.
  • If you want to archive the messages, by clicking the archive option.
  • Click on save option. Open Outlook and select Send/receive messages.

Hence, follow these five steps to save OLM files to Windows OS.

Limitations of Manual Method

This method is free and can easily save OLM files in Windows OS. but the method is not a good method. As it has more drawbacks than benefits. Some limitations of using manual method to save OLM files in Windows.

  • First of all, it is a tedious process. As it has a lot of steps to import the files.
  • Here, you need to access two programs: outlook for Windows and outlook for Mac. If one program is not working properly, then you cannot save OLM files in Windows OS.
  • Sometimes, there can be problems during the configuration of your account.
  • This method is complicated for non-technical users. 
  • During the process, there can be chances that you can lose your data.

Thus, with these points, we can say that the manual method is not an ideal method. To overcome these limitations, we use the second professional method to import OLM files in Windows.

Professional Method to Save OLM Files in Windows OS

We discuss the steps to import an OLM file using the manual method. But this method is not a reliable one. So, to save OLM files in Windows OS, without any problems. We are going to use the software. Use SysTools software to convert OLM files to PST. This software is free and can easily convert an OLM file into PST in just a few minutes. Along with this, it also offers various features.

Features of the Software

  • This software converts batch OLM files into PST files very easily.
  • You can scan your OLM file for any viruses or threats and then, you can save a copy of your scan file.
  • Preview your OLM files before converting them.
  • It provides option to split PST files.
  • Using this software can maintain data integrity and folder hierarchy.

Steps to convert OLM file to PST

  1. First, download and install the software.
  2. Open it and click on the Add file. Browse the OLM files, where you have saved them. Click on Add file.
  3. After clicking the option, the scanning will immediately start. After the scan ends, click on yes to save the copy of scan OLM files.
  4. Preview your OLM files and click on Export to convert all the files. 
  5. If you want to convert the selected files. Then, select the files and click on export selected.
  6. Select PST as the export type. Click on browse to save your file in desired location.
  7. Click on maintain folder hierarchy. Click on the Export option.
  8. After converting the file. Click on the save option and save the converted PST file.

In this article, we explain the reason behind importing OLM files in Windows. After that, we tell you the methods to import them. Here, we use manual and professional methods to save OLM files to Windows OS. The manual method is free but has a lot of drawbacks. That’s why the professional method is the best method to import the OLM files in Windows. As it converts OLM into PST format in very few steps and provides various features. Thus, using a professional method can help to save OLM files in Windows OS.

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