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How to Set Up the Kamado Joe Grill

If you’re looking to get a better grill for your home, then this guide is for you! We’ll walk you through the process of setting up your new Kamado Joe grill and give you some helpful tips and tricks along the way.

How to Set Up the Kamado Joe Grill

If you want to have your own Kamado Joe grill then it is necessary to make certain adjustments in the settings. You can either choose a ready-made grill or you can build it from scratch, recommended making certain changes in the settings the grilling experience will be better.

Setting up the grill

When setting up the grill, it is advisable to use the charcoal method, and start with one bag of charcoal. You can light the fire with the help of a chimney and keep adding charcoal until the fire becomes hot and glowing if you keep adding charcoal until the fire becomes hot and glowing. The chimney needs to be closed and kept closed for a while. The heat will get to the desired level after a while and you can start preparing the food. preparing the food.

You can begin to prepare the food when the fire is ready. You can either use the whole charcoal or use a separate fire so that it is easy to control the temperature. If you have a grill that has two sides, you can use it to prepare more dishes at a time. It is possible to make sure that the grill is placed correctly and that the door is closed so that there is no smoke coming out.

Grilling process

Once you are done with the preparation, it is necessary to start grilling. When you are using the Kamado Joe grill you don’t need to use any fuel or oil for grilling as well as create smoke. The smoking of the charcoal will burn all the fat from the food which will make it crispy. The charcoal will also add a smoky taste to the food.

You can add some herbs or spices to the food before grilling and it will make the food more delicious. You can even grill some veggies or fruits on the grill and it will turn them into a succulent and tasty dish. The food will get cooked evenly and quickly and you can be able to enjoy your meal without worrying about the temperature.

 How long should I cook on high heat?

I recommend cooking on high heat for about 15 to 20 minutes per pound of meat.


If you are planning to set up a Kamado Joe grill, then it is advisable to first check whether the grill is of high quality or not. If it is of poor quality then it is advisable to buy a better one. It is also recommended to use the charcoal method for grilling as it will give you better results. Once you have started grilling, you can add some herbs and spices for better taste.

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