How to organize a move: Detailed guide to moving

Moving , immediately after taking out a mortgage, is one of the main reasons for stress . Organizing a move , especially if you move independently, can be complicated and very tiring. For this, it is important to rely on a method and follow it from the beginning to the end. Let’s see, in this article, how to organize a move , possibly also relying on van rental .

How to organize a move

As mentioned, moving is a question of method. Organizing in time, without risking to arrive at the last moment, is one of the secrets to organize a stress-free move . Let’s start by getting everything we need to pack the materials. So, let’s move on to the plan of attack. Finally, let’s work to box everything, according to an order that is as rigorous as possible. In this way, upon arrival of the goods we will be able to have everything we need, without particular difficulties. Let’s start with the material needed for packaging.

Organizing a move: the packaging material

Alongside organization, you also need the right material to organize a move . As all those who have moved at least once know, the essential elements are boxes, newspapers and parcel tape. To get the first, in addition to buying them, you can ask some trusted shopkeeper.

Choose them, if possible, of different sizes: boxes that are too large can become too heavy. As for the newspapers, in addition to those in the house, you can ask the newsagent or some acquaintance who is a regular reader of newspapers.

As for the packing tape, however, you will necessarily have to go to a stationery shop. Besides this, then, you can also equip yourself with other materials. For example, a good rule of thumb is to have thick-tipped markers with which to mark the contents of each box. Cutters and scissors will be your allies, but also twine and bubble wrap(the plastic sheets with bubbles), which you can use to pack the most delicate materials.

How to move: the method

Of course, there is no correct method of moving home. There is, however, the need to give oneself a method to be pursued to the end, so as not to leave anything to chance. To organize the move in the best possible way, first of all it is a good idea to choose a room in which to carry out all the packing operations. Better if this is the least used one in the house, so as to minimize inconvenience.

Coming, then, to the actual packaging, it is good to proceed with the order. In the same box, for example, it is good practice to insert all the materials of a single environment. Even better if it is a matter of materials of only one space (furniture, closet, etc.). In any case, also to avoid unnecessary efforts, carefully evaluate the weight of the materials that you are going to put in the boxes. A box of books, for example, will certainly weigh more than a box of dishes. In general, try not to exceed 15-20 kilograms per box. Immediately after putting away any material, remember to write it down directly on the box or, at most, on a notepad. In this way, when you have to unpack everything, you will know exactly where the things you need most urgently are and those that, on the contrary.

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Organizing a move: fragile materials

As for the more fragile materials, such as crockery, there are two ways to move without anxiety. The first, the classic one, involves the packaging of each dish with wrapping paper, newspaper or, better still, bubble wrap. The more meticulous you are in this operation, also taking care to fill the gaps that will be created inside the box, the lower the risk of breakage during the move .

The second option, however, more professional than the first, involves the use of alveolar boxes. These, inside, contain a cardboard frame that prevents collisions between the dishes, preventing them from breaking during moving operations. So if you are in Greece you have to search for μετακομίσεις Αθήνα. Then you will have plenty of options.

How to organize a house move

The fateful day may seem like a life is missing. Then, instead, here it is approaching inexorably. So how to organize a house move without risking being trapped at the last moment. The secret lies in setting a timetable. Room after room, according to priorities and needs, write down deadlines to be respected. Maybe set aside an hour a day and a few more during the weekend. In this way, not only will the move not burden you excessively, but you will also arrive at the fateful day without worries about being late.

Do-it-yourself moving: how to do it without relying on external companies

If you have come this far, in reality, you have already done much of what is necessary. At this point, therefore, the desire to do a DIY move may also arise . Much, in this case, depends on the need to transport the furniture as well. If you have skills in this area, you can also do it yourself. Alternatively, you can ask someone who knows about furniture disassembly and reassembly. If, on the other hand, you do not need to carry the furniture, you are on horseback. What you need to organize a do-it-yourself move is just a means of transport.

Moving van rental: how to choose the right one

Moving van rental is an indispensable choice if you do not have a suitable vehicle for the purpose and do not want to contact a specialized company. Faced with this need, therefore, organize yourself in time. The first aspect to consider concerns the quantities to be transported. For low volumes, for example, a van rental may be sufficient . For larger volumes, especially if there are furnishings, it may be advisable to hire a box van . In this way, you will be able to make a rough estimate of the van rental costs and, therefore, of the moving costs. In any case, this will certainly be lower than the cost that any company that specialized in removals.

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