Gift The Multi-Coloured Flowers To Your Dear Ones With Love

Flowers are known for being a true essence of nature, and their particular beauty and scent may enchant everyone. Flowers are considered pious in India, and people present them to god as a sign of respect.

Everyone is familiar with the most common flowers, but let’s have a look at some rare flowers in India that aren’t as well-known and that few people are aware of.

Flame Lily

Flame lily is a herbaceous perennial with wavy petals in orange, crimson, and hot pink hues and a yellow base. Its flower is made up of six petals that are alternately oriented and have a tendency to turn outward. Many ayurvedic texts, notably Charaka Samhita, praise this flower for its ability to alleviate inflammation, skin problems, arthritis, wounds, and itching.

Striped Dewflower

The petals contain a set of white stamens in the middle and slender dark-purple borders. This flower is also available in an orange-yellow hue. This unusual flower blooms in the spring and summer and is native to portions of India’s south.

Mountain Balsam

Impatiens monticola has a yellow-orange flower that resembles Impatiens mengtszeana. It can also be seen in Manipur on rare occasions. Clusters of this bloom develop on the upper leaf axils, with lance-shaped green bracts at the base.

Shirui lily

One of India’s rare flowers, blooms only during the monsoon season, in June and July, and exclusively in the Ukhrul region of Manipur. Shirui Lily is generally available by online flower delivery in Bihar at minimum prices. From afar, it looks to be off-white, but its petals have a faint mild blue-pink colour and a touch of red-purple splotch near the flower’s base.

Law’s Ceropegia

This bloom is not only unusual, but also exceptionally beautiful. This flower is in the shape of a long white tube with a purple-ivory flower elegantly atop it. Its five lobes are curled inward, giving it the appearance of a bowl. This tubular bloom, which can be found in Sahyadri or the Western Ghats, is in danger of extinction.


This flower was thought to be extinct until it was discovered in Arunachal Pradesh’s national parks. Rebe is made up of two sepals and two petals that range in colour from pale pink to ivory, with golden stamens in the middle. It is also noted for its therapeutic properties, in addition to its quirky beauty.

Long Flowered Spider Lily

The lily has six lobes, one of which is slightly green in colour. These milky white petals are fairly thin and curved outwards. In addition, the large number of yellow pollens in the centre contrasts nicely with the white petals.

Titan Arum

This flower is unique in that it only blooms for 48 hours and exudes a rotting meat-like odour to attract insects. This huge flower has a green petal on the outside and a burgundy petal on the interior. It can reach a height of ten feet!

Candy Cane Sorrel

As the name implies, this bloom is milky white in colour, but the edgings are crimson red, giving it a candy-cane appearance. These trumpet-shaped flowers, which are native to South Africa, bloom throughout the spring or even in the winter in some areas. Its buds close during the colder months and at night.


This flower, which blooms from spring through summer, is named for its beak-like form and purple-red hue, however some variations have cream blossoms as well.

Jade Vine

Because of the presence of malvin and saponarin pigments, the jade vine blossom is known for its turquoise beauty. The flower, which is only found in the Philippines, is quickly disappearing due to a decrease in natural pollinators such as bats.

Hairy Toad Lily

Because all portions of this plant have a hairy structure, it has been given this name. This flower has a white to pale purple coloration, and the entire surface of its petals has dark purple random patches that considerably enhance its appearance.

Queen of the Night

These are night bloomers with trumpet-shaped flowers made up of waxy petals in a creamy tint. Their allure is at its best at night, when they exude a beautifully fragrant aroma into the air to attract pollinators.

Yakla Snow Lotus

This lotus grows near the Himalayas and Sikkim state, at elevations above 3000 metres. The unusual architectural appearance of this blossom sets it apart from the rest. It has a rich purple colour and is encircled by purple-hued bracts in a rosette.

Yellow Ghost Orchid

It’s found in the southern Himalayas and the eastern Himalayas. The emergence of the yellow ghost orchid is unpredictable. It features delicate bracts and lengthy tendrils at the base of its petals that bend in an intriguing way.

The reproductive portion of blooming plants is the flower. Flowers are sometimes known as a plant’s bloom or blossom. Petals are found on flowers. The components of the flower that produce pollen and seeds are found within the petals. A flower is usually the most colourful feature of any plant.

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