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When you ask a student: ‘what is a dissertation?’

they might tell you it’s a thesis. However, in many countries, including the UK, it is what you have to submit in your Ph.D. program. This is the research project that will help you get your degree and make a mark in your field. This paper allows you to present your findings in response to a question you’ve chosen yourself.

Your examiners are going to test your research skills and subject command to determine your final grade. Hence, you can’t afford to mess it up which is why students end up searching for dissertation service UK. Writing a great dissertation is the most difficult and important university requirement.   However, it can also be very rewarding, so no need to need to give up on your academic and career goals. Why? Because we’re going to learn what’s a dissertation and how to write it!

Introduction: What is a Dissertation?

When you join a doctoral program, you will have to conduct research in your final year. Without this, you won’t be able to complete your Ph.D. program and graduate. During this project, you’ll get to learn a lot about your topic because it requires extensive research. You can write a thesis on a researched topic, you’ll have to come up with something new for your dissertation. Moreover, dissertations are normally 200-300 pages long, while a thesis is much shorter.

If you think you just have to research and write a dissertation, there’s more! After you submit your dissertation, your college might ask you to present it to a panel of faculty members. Since dissertations are lengthy, it will take you a couple of hours to present them.

A dissertation isn’t some informal piece of writing so there isn’t much scope for mistakes here. If you miss any reference or citation, you’ll commit an unforgivable offense. This is equal to stealing someone’s work and so your examiners will disqualify your work. Moreover, you need to make sure to meet the word count and deadline because there’s no space for mistakes here. We’re not stating these facts to scare students. Rather, you should know what you should avoid before we get into how to write your dissertation perfectly!

  1. Plan Ahead

When you start your dissertation, you need to calculate and divide your time according to the time and length. If you get stuck on a section for too long, you’ll be left with less time for other sections. Generally, the introduction has a big word count so you can set a target of writing 3-4 pages every week. If you can manage more than this, it’s even better because you’ll have more time for other sections. Hence, set deadlines according to each section and you’ll be motivated to meet them.

  1. Write As You Go

Now that you’re done planning your dissertation, it’s time to make those keys work! This process can be scary and difficult to start but t’s not going to get any easier as you wait. While you can make up a million reasons to delay writing ‘for today’ because you can ‘start tomorrow’ think again. Remind yourself that you need to do a lot of research/readings/experiments to write a dissertation. So eat the frog and convince yourself to meet your own targets that you set for yourself. The best way to form your argument is to write it down.

  1. Forget Perfection

When you start this difficult journey remember that your first draft is not your final draft. So don’t waste your time on making each sentence perfect because you have a lot to write. Many students who try to make the perfect first draft get stuck on a paragraph and waste many days. So maintain your writing flow and write as much as you can on the first try. Rewriting and revising are important but you can only do it after making your first draft. Hence, just start writing and refine your dissertation at the end!

  1. Don’t Be Linear

If you write every section in order, one by one, you’ll get stuck at many points. Here’s what you can do if you get stuck on some part of the introduction, move on. This goes for all other sections in which you have you build arguments. Moreover, try to write the discussion as you go because you’ll be coming up with ideas as you write. However, if you leave the discussion for later, you’ll forget these points and take longer to write. Lastly, keep adding citations as you use sources to save your time in the reference part.

  1. Self-Care

Just because you’re writing a research paper doesn’t mean you should compromise your health. You can only write a good dissertation when your physical and mental health is good. However, when you disrupt your routine and let it affect your health, it will take you longer to finish. Therefore, eat well, get enough sleep, and remember to exercise and stay active. Even a simple walk makes a huge difference; if you’re stuck, walking will help you clear your mind!

  1. Get Feedback Beforehand

Consider feedback as your best friend because this is what will help you improve your dissertation. You don’t have to just depend on your supervisor for feedback, you can ask other teachers too. If you can, finish your work early and share it with them to get feedback. In this way, they can point out any problems sooner and you’ll have time to work on them. Keep taking feedback along the way as it will save you from rewriting an entire chapter close to the deadline. If you can, get multiple professors to review your paper for a great dissertation.

  1. Use Online Tools

After getting feedback, you might feel that you don’t have enough time to rewrite and check everything. In that case, you can make use of online tools to check your spelling, grammar, and typos. There are also many tools that can help you in citing and referencing the sources you’ve used. So make use of these great internet tools to perfect your final draft within no time! Moreover, even if you’ve checked everything yourself, use these tools to find any error you might have missed.


If you’re a Ph.D. student, you have to give enough time to write a great dissertation. Thus you should know what a dissertation is to graduate from your school and get a post-graduate degree. So read our comprehensive guide on dissertations and you won’t find yourself clueless. Taking help online isn’t a bad idea either, simply search dissertation service UK and you’re good to go.

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