Facebook contests four campaigns you must be aware of!


Facebook contests four campaigns you must be aware of!


We’re pleased about this review of the (BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK)best Facebook contests! This time, we focused solely on Spanish-language contests and wrote this review in collaboration with Angela, our Mexico office.

No matter if it’s Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, or Chile, businesses are present on Facebook and interact with their followers through


Look at the campaigns below!


Remember! If you’d like to share information about your campaign results, Feel free to share your results with us and perhaps be in our future Apps review!


Fan Vote

What is the Facebook app’s type? The app is based on the vote of fans.

  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Size of FanPage: 406 Fans
  • Campaign duration: 2 Weeks
  • Prizes: 1 meal for two people


Did we choose this campaign? Because we are a fan of good causes, this group focuses on cutting down on food waste. In this campaign, the public is challenged to choose the most effective way to reduce food waste.

Through voting, they can draw to win. It’s also beneficial for smaller pages to collaborate with larger organizations or brands to gain more followers and extend their reach.

RAP was a partner with a significant Spanish restaurant site and an industry-specific food brand in this instance. Well done!

They are an ideal choice for Non-Profit Organizations that value the involvement of their supporters.

If you are looking to improve the results of your campaign to get more votes from fans, Read this article!



Type of Facebook App: Sweepstakes


fan vote rap movimento

Find the most efficient method to cut down on food waste!!


Industry: Restaurant / bar

Size of FanPage Size: 768 fans

Campaign duration: 4 weeks

Prizes: A ticket for two people to join the 2nd Birthday celebration of Bar celebration and a mobile phone


The reason we chose this campaign: We are amazed by the Nightlife! The venue is celebrating its second anniversary (congrats!) and would like to invite its most loyal customers to join them.

In response to a short question like ” what was your best evening in our bar?” Fans can enter the sweepstakes to win an invitation to the event and an iPhone.

If you’re looking to enjoy another memorable evening and capture photographs with your new phone, we would like to invite you to participate in the competition!

It’s always a good idea for brands to gather fans’ stories and stories. Loyal fans with entertaining stories are excellent material to include in your strategy for content. Be sure to mention in your privacy policies that you could utilize the stories.

Although the campaign only recently began, the site has already gained 52 new followers. Keep up the great work!


Facebook Sweepstakes CandelariaBar 1


We recommend offering only those prizes that appeal to your intended audience and attract real supporters. To learn more about this, check out this article.

Personality Test

Note: click here

What type of application is Facebook? Test of Personality

Industry: Bank

Size of FanPage 42k fans

Campaign duration: 4 weeks

Prizes available: A great tip!


We chose this campaign because we love companies that look outside the box. The banking industry tends to be flat; however, this is an exception.

The participants can discover “what kind of spender they are by taking a fun personality test.” After answering a few questions, the participants will learn the details of their budget habits and saving practices.

We are more likely to have a large pocket, but we must be cautious not to give more than what we can afford!

The suggestions this test provides are helpful and are also an effective method for a company to advertise their products. Savings account, credit card, or a checkbook? Have you thought about it? Smart!


Facebook Test of Personality bancoeconomico

Facebook Apps are not just a way to attract new followers to your page but also help you find potential clients for your company.

Once you’ve identified and qualified your customers, it’s simpler to provide the products they’re interested in. To increase your chances of passing a practical Facebook personality test, Here are some excellent suggestions.




Type of Facebook App: Quiz

Industry: Tools

The size of the FanPage is 2800 fans

Campaign duration: 4 weeks

Prizes: soccer ball and other goodies


The reason we chose this campaign: We have a passion for football. The real thing, of course!!

Like the personality test, a test can be a great way to get your audience involved. In this instance, the company wants to determine if their followers are real soccer enthusiasts and appreciate their equipment.

Test your general knowledge about the brand and the last world cup, and the ten highest scores will be awarded prizes.

The brand is strategically betting on the excitement that the upcoming world cup will create among their followers and betting on this topic to gain more fans and increase the number of customers.

The sharing of this campaign boosts the chance of winning, which is a win-win for both the person who participates and the brand that receives publicity through the power of word of mouth. Or, in this instance, the internet…

The page has received 14 new fans and was shared seven times each day. This isn’t so bad!


We’re at the end of our study. How did you find our selections? Please send us your feedback and share more details about your recent campaigns.

Note: https://ecopostings.com/

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