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Enjoy the Winter Chill in a Campervan During Shimla’s Snowfall

Shimla offers all the amenities needed to be a well-liked getaway from North India’s sweltering summers. There is awe-inspiring scenery, enormous mountains, lively markets, dining options, and pleasant weather all year long. With India’s developing culture of caravans in India, call us and book luxury caravans for the best winter getaway. Shimla experiences many visitors during the winter months in addition to its busy tourism season in the summer. It is because it is one of the few locations in India to have successive snowfall. So, as you set out on a journey to see snowfall in Shimla, you can satisfy your need for a white winter.  

 Must-Do Activities in Shimla During Snowfall  

Here are a few activities one should not miss in Shimla after a snowfall. Look at the best examples! Below, we have included a few things you should be aware of before making travel arrangements for your family to Shimla. Read on to learn more.  

 Shop ’til You Drop on Mall Road 

The Mall Road in Shimla is unquestionably one of the most excellent places to go during the winter because it has many stores and restaurants. Enjoy a heartwarming shopping experience as you pass the town’s street market, which is coated in snow. Also available to tourists are various mouthwatering delicacies from eateries lining both sides of the street.  

Kufri: Begin a Tour of the City  

The lovely hill town of Kufri, also called the “Snow Resort,” is the ideal location to witness snowfall in Shimla in December. It is among the most well-known destinations to check out close to Shimla, where tourists can explore famous attractions like the Himalayan National Park, Kufri Fun World, and Nagsons Amusement Park.  

Snow Sports: Experience the Thrill  

One of the most exciting things about snowfall in Shimla is that it gives visitors access to a wide range of winter sports. Sledding, skiing, and ice skating are some of the top adventure activities available to tourists. During your journey to Shimla, indulge in these exhilarating activities to satisfy your appetite for adventure.  

Jakhoo Peak: Ascend to the City’s Highest Peak  

Shimla’s highest point, Jakhoo Peak, is at an elevation of 8,000 feet. This peak is a well-liked tourist destination and one of the best places to see significant snowfall in Shimla. It boasts tall Alpine trees, a vibrant Temple, and a massive statue of Lord Hanuman. When you choose a caravan in India, you may park it wherever you like in a stunning area and take full advantage of it. So, you can satisfy your need for a white winter.  

Mashobra: Discover This Charming Town  

When visiting Shimla, if you are searching for peace & quiet, go to the quiet town of Mashobra. At a height of 7,700 feet, it is one of Shimla’s best locations for snowfall, where visitors may unwind in the arms of nature and escape the rush of city life.  

Experience An Endless Love Affair with Nature in Green Valley  

Due to its abundance of lush green natural resources, Green Valley is one of Shimla’s most popular tourist destinations. It has been utilized as a shooting location for numerous Bollywood films. Visit this location in Shimla during the snowy season to engage in an everlasting love affair with nature and take pictures against the mesmerizing backdrop of the valley’s abundant vegetation. With one of our luxury caravans, you may set up camp and take in the scenery.  

Visit the Fascinating Town of Naldehra 

The charming hill village of Naldehra, located around 25 kilometers from Shimla, is one of the greatest sites to see snowfall in Shimla. The oldest 9-hole golf course in India is found here, and the area is also well-known for its opulent resorts and picnic areas where people can enjoy quality time with their families.  

Mahasu Peak: An Adventurer’s Paradise  

Mahasu Peak, the highest peak in the area, is one of the most exciting and enjoyable spots in Kufri in December. The divine Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges can be seen from the peak on a clear sunny day. Hike this adventurous route if you want to explore the dense deodar forests.  

Activities In Kufri for December  

Are you looking for things to do in Shimla? See this list of the best treats to indulge in throughout December in Shimla.  

Ride a Yak or a Horse  

One of the most exciting things to do in Kufri in December is riding a yak or a horse. You need to give this a shot if you want an enjoyable vacation. You may take beautiful images and feast your eyes on some fantastic views as you travel. A guide will always be with you and show you the way securely.  


In December, skiing is one of the most incredible and exciting things to do in Kufri. Only for skiing, adventurers from across India travel to Kufri. While there are slopes where beginners can attempt skiing, there are those that are ideal for skilled Heli skiers that are also very thrilling.  


Sledding is not tobogganing, but it is a slightly altered form. Children and others who do not want to try something as adventurous as skiing will like it. Simple sleds are used in this activity and are often large enough to fit two people. You must try out this winter sport, which is new to India.  

Essentials to Pack for Shimla’s Snowfall Season

Shimla experiences severe weather conditions, which must be considered while arranging a trip there during the snowy season. So, the following is a list of the necessities one must have with them when traveling to Shimla in the winter:  

  • Wear warmers, a jacket, and wool T-shirts to shield your body from the brisk winds.  
  • Warm socks, thick gloves, and Woollen hats and boots.  
  • Skin protection creams during the winter.  
  • Drugs that are essential for motion sickness, coughing, and colds.  

After going through the article, you will Enjoy the Winter Chill and want to travel to Shimla in our luxury caravans. With the caravan in India tourism developed, let us witness nature close to us.  

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