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7 Kitchen Design Ideas for Tiny Homes to Maximize Space

7 Kitchen Design Ideas for Tiny Homes to Maximize Space

Designing a kitchen is an exciting undertaking, but it may be difficult if you’re dealing with the limited square footage of a tiny homes. Although the space is limited, you should not have to sacrifice the quality or amenities of your kitchen. Instead, you may just need to be more imaginative in your tiny space kitchen design! You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for some unique kitchen design ideas for your small house. Follow along as we show you how to improve the appearance and feel of your small house kitchen.

Incorporate a Moveable Island

A useful kitchen island that offers extra prep space or seats is typically shown in a fantasy kitchen. However, while dealing with limited square footage, you must be careful of the components that take up valuable space. Instead of a permanent kitchen island, try including a mobile island or kitchen cart that can be stored away and wheeled out into the kitchen when more counter space is needed. Along with increased prep room, a kitchen cart with drawers or cabinets may also give you with much-needed storage space. A kitchen cart on wheels provides all of the advantages of an island without making the area seem any smaller than it already is.

Make Use of Wall and Ceiling Space

Even with a simple kitchen, it might be tough to pair down everything you need. There are several odds and ends that must be preserved, ranging from cookware required to produce great meals to cutlery and cutting boards used to prepare them. While you may be used to putting all of your kitchen accessories and equipment in cabinets, you’ll need to be creative while dealing with a small kitchen. Because you’ll probably have fewer kitchen cabinets than you’re accustomed to, it’s a good idea to use your wall or ceiling space for extra storage. Install a magnetic backsplash to keep your cutlery connected to the wall, allowing you to free up counter and drawer space. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling to create a visually attractive focal point while conserving cupboard space.

Get Rid of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Although kitchen cabinets are widespread in bigger kitchens, open shelving has grown in popularity. Install open shelves to showcase your glasses, mugs, tableware, and other kitchen items to incorporate this style into your compact home. The floating shelves will not only be visually beautiful, but they will also help make the kitchen appear brighter and more open without the background of kitchen cabinets.

Select Creative Storage

A crowded kitchen countertop makes a space feel much smaller than it is – just what you don’t want for your tiny home’s kitchen. Consider creative methods to eliminate visual clutter instead of leaving cookbooks, cooking utensils, appliances, and other odds and ends on top of the worktops. Were you thinking of putting a fruit or veggie basket on your counter? Instead, use a hanging fruit basket to keep them off the countertops. Do you generally store your paper towels close to the sink on the counter? Install an under-cabinet paper towel rack to avoid taking up prep space.

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Install an Expandable Kitchen Table

One of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing a family supper is gathering around the table and telling tales about your day. However, in order to preserve room in your little house, you may opt without purchasing a kitchen table. There are many options for having a family lunch without taking up precious floor space with an immovable table. To begin, you may put counter stools under a piece of your countertop to provide additional sitting while still maintaining counter space. Another alternative is to build a concealed inside your cabinets slide-out kitchen table that can be dragged out when it’s time for supper.

Pattern your floors to make them more appealing

There are several techniques for making a tiny space look bigger than it is. Choosing an eye-catching patterned floor to give the appearance of a bigger area is one of the methods. Consider this high-impact design feature that may fool the eye into believing the kitchen in your small house is bigger than it is, whether you like a boho style floor tile or chevron patterns hardwood.

Greenery brings life to the room

If you’ve chosen open shelving for your small home’s kitchen design, you’ll need to select a variety of accessories to decorate the shelves. Highlighting foliage on these open shelves (or hanging from the roof!) is a simple way to add visual interest and attract attention throughout the room. If you don’t have a green thumb, you may use artificial plants to get the desired aesthetic while requiring little upkeep. Alternatively, you may pick air-purifying plants that not only look amazing but also enhance the interior air quality in your small house!


You may be asking how much of your small home’s square footage should be allocated to the kitchen while building it. If your tiny house is modest, you should allocate between 30 and 50 square feet to your kitchen. You may be able to get away with 70 square feet in bigger compact houses, but be sure your kitchen doesn’t distract from the rest of your home.

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