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Custom Racing Shirts

When you’re getting ready to create a new race logo, you need to think of a few different things to keep in mind. Choosing a logo style can be difficult – for example, if your race takes place on the beach, you should incorporate a surfboard. However, if your race takes place in a city, you can choose to incorporate a skyline as your logo design. Whatever you decide, your custom racing shirt must tell casual onlookers about the race.

Screen printing

If you’re thinking about getting screen printing on your custom racing shirts, you should know the basics of the process. Basically, this process uses an exposure unit to burn off the unnecessary emulsion from the screen and expose a clean surface. The mesh is then lined with pallet tape to prevent ink leakage and transfer from one substrate to another. In addition, your custom racing shirts will be customized with your name and team logo.

A screen printing process is the most cost-effective option for custom racing shirts. It produces vibrant colors and is durable. Generally, screen printing is most cost-effective when ordering 12 or more custom racing shirts. Screen printing prices vary depending on the number of colors used in your design and the type of shirt you choose. Luckily, there is no minimum order for custom racing shirts. Screen printing allows you to design a shirt that suits your budget, and the process takes fewer days than digital printing.


Dye Sublimation is a method of applying vibrant colors to garments using a heat-resistant ink. This printing technique creates seamless, continuous tones in the color spectrum. Unlike traditional printing, dye Sublimation can print an entire item, including a shirt or cap, without the need for a screen. Unlike other printing techniques, Sublimation Jerseys can print any number of colors and images, including high resolution raster and vector files.

Sublimation printing is faster and more cost-effective than conventional printing methods. It requires less human assistance and minimal ink. However, the process requires proper designs. A good design can be created with the use of designing software. You can create logos, prints, and shades. Then, the printing process transfers the designs to the transfer paper. The shirts will then be suitable for wearing during the racing season. The advantages of Sublimation over traditional printing methods are many.

Cotton/poly blend

Poly-cotton blends are a fabric made from a combination of cotton and polyester fibers. These materials are usually 60% cotton and 40% polyester, but you can also find 50/50 blends, too. This blend is designed to combine the benefits of both cotton and polyester, but also offers a high-performance level of durability and a great price. Cotton/poly blends tend to be more comfortable to wear than 100 percent cotton shirts.

The main advantage of using a cotton/poly blend is that it maintains its shape after laundering. It does not stretch or shrink, which is crucial when you’re racing. This fabric can also be textured and lustrous, making it an excellent choice for custom racing shirts. The A4 Cooling Performance T-shirt is an excellent choice, with a tight knit for regulating temperature. Team 365’s Performance T-shirt is made from polyester interlock fabric and UV protection.

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