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Travel Turkey via Luxury Yachts

Turkey is an ideal place to rent a yacht as it is brimming with beautiful natural splendor and charm. This mix of influences from different cultures offers Mediterranean food, Middle Eastern personalities, as well as some fascinating Balkan culture. The Balkan nation, which acts as a bridge between west and east and has a wealth of historical monuments, is the perfect place to enjoy a luxurious holiday. Do Follow Charter Yachts in Turkey for a comprehensive knowledge on Yachts.


The city’s most unique and attractive is Istanbul. The mosques and churches are abound. It has bustling nightclubs are close to Byzantine and Ottoman structures. There are many beaches along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are filled with fishing communities and beaches. There’s a stunning array and socioeconomic diversity everywhere. The ultimate yachting experience is created through captivating sailing grounds and exploring on the water is pure joy.

Turkish Site-seeing via Luxurious Yachts

The best way to experience your way along the Turkish coastline, lined with ancient archeological sites stunning beaches, as well as small seafood restaurants and restaurants, is to travel by yacht. Navigate the Mediterranean oceans, passing by nautical spots such as Bodrum, Fethiye, and Antalya Feeling the wind through your hair. Kuwait is an important destination among many destinations from which you can travel to Istanbul which is a significant city located in Turkey. You can book Kuwait to Istanbul Flights online , and then make plans for a luxurious trip to Turkey and book a boat and set sail to this enchanting destination.

Turkish sailing conditions

It is possible to find your ideal charter boat in Turkey regardless of whether you’re an experienced sailor. Do look for the freedom of bareboat sailing, or someone who loves sun and an experienced crew to handle the heavy lifting. The Mediterranean climate means warm evenings with average temperatures in the summertime of 33 degrees. From mid-June until September in the summer, the famous Meltemi winds blow. It creates afternoon westerly breezes. Typically, winds range between 5 and 12 knots. However, sometimes they could reach up to 20 to 24 mph so be sure to check the forecast. As the temperatures cool in October, the breezes cease, resulting in an ideal late summer season of the year to enjoy an enjoyable sail.

Sites to visit by Charter Yachts in Turkey


Just a short distance just a few minutes away Dalaman Airport is the picturesque marina town of Gocek. It is  known for its local boutiques and its gorgeous promenade. It is a perfect place to get your boat to anchor within the bay. Gulf of Gocek on Turkey’s Lycian coast is a luscious charter spot where the scenery is filled with majestic mountain peaks. It is surrounded by emerald-pine forests. The sparkling waters are awash of marine creatures. The most beautiful anchorages and numerous activities are offered on the coast’s undulating shores.


Enjoy a quick cruise around the breathtaking bay of Oludeniz in which the cove that is shaped like a crescent. It is the perfect spot to indulge in first-rate wakeboarding in the morning. It is a popular spot for watersports equipment to be launched as well as a perfect chance to try the most thrilling paragliding options in Turkey. You can drop anchor in the amazing safe and sheltered Blue Lagoon and adjoining lush national park to take in the breathtaking views and stunning sunsets.


After another overnight journey and waking up with a glimpse of the beautiful town on the coast of Datca. It is an ideal location to take a leisurely stroll around town or take a break on the boat . If you’re feeling adventurous, Datca is the rock climbing capital of the world and offers a variety of opportunities. It’s a little-known peninsula, with sun-soaked views over whitewashed towns and rolling hills that are dotted with pine forest as well as the 50-mile stretch that is pristine beaches.

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