Choose Reliable Assignment Writing Service with 10 Crucial Tips

10 Helpful Tips to Discover the Best Assignment Writing Service

Assignment Writing Service is one of the most essential activities students go through during their academic years. However, research conducted among students from 10 high-performing high schools in Californian communities reveals that too much homework is detrimental to students’ physical and mental health.

Research shows that spending more than two hours on homework is counterproductive. However, the University of Phoenix College of Education surveyed 1000 K-12 teachers and found that high school teachers assign approximately 3.5 hours of homework every week.

What Happens as a Result of Excessive Homework?

The common belief is that the more homework students do every day, the better they perform on tests. However, an article in the Journal of Education Psychology stated that students who did more than 90 to 100 minutes of homework every night performed worse on tests than those who spent less than 90 minutes on their assignments.

Moreover, the Journal of Adolescent Health states that almost 23% of high school students get less than 6 hours of sleep daily, while 10% get 5 hours or less. This constant sacrifice of sleep to complete piles of assignments every day results in stress, anxiety and depression. Excessive homework is also associated with health problems, such as headaches, weight loss, lack of appetite, and digestive issues.

What is the Best Solution to Excess Homework?

With hundreds of students struggling with homework every day, several academic assignment help services have cropped up to provide solutions to this ongoing problem. Moreover, as technology incorporates itself into education, it takes less than a few seconds to find such services online.

However, students face a significant problem figuring out which service would be able to help them compose high-quality assignments quickly. After all, with hundreds of assignment help services to choose from, it’s easy to fall prey to the sweet words of unreliable websites and end up with low-quality papers.

Issues students face with unreliable services

  • Late submission of assignments
  • Low-quality homework
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Plagiarism issues

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that can help you make an informed choice and enjoy the best academic guidance online.

10 Tips to Find an Academic Writing Service

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed whenever you need to hire online assignment writing services. Instead of choosing the first website that catches your eye, conduct thorough research with the help of these 10 reliable tips:

1. Go through student reviews

Before you buy anything on Amazon, you would naturally check the product’s reviews to ensure it’s of good quality. Similarly, before hiring any online assignment writing service, you must explore the reviews on the website to gauge whether you can rely on the website for academic help.

Check out the policies

Many students don’t go through the fine print before hiring assignment writing services and end up in trouble when series refuse to refund them for low-quality assignments. In addition, while most services provide a partial refund, you’ll encounter websites that do not offer any refund. So, ensure that you go through these policies before making your decision.

3. Compare the price charts

When choosing any assignment help service, remember that expensive services don’t always mean you’ll receive high-quality papers. Furthermore, it would be best if you weren’t drawn in by the lowest price you find online. Instead, spend some time comparing the price charts on several websites to estimate the average you should be spending on hiring professional experts.

4. Check the assignment quality

There’s no point in hiring a professional academic writing website if they cannot provide you with high-quality papers. Therefore, before hiring any service, check out the sample papers on the website and place a trial order to get the best estimation. This will help you determine if the service meets the writing standards you’re looking for.

5. Explore reviews on online forums

Online student communities on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit are the best places to explore more student reviews and find out their personal experience with a particular academic writing service. You can also ask for recommendations from your peers with prior experience with such services.

6. Check the tutor’s educational qualifications

One of the leading problems of online assignment help services is the lack of professional experts with the required educational qualifications. While many websites claim to have Ph.D. experts, the high demand forces them to hire high school graduates to compose research papers and dissertations.

Naturally, they’re not well-equipped to handle such complex tasks, and you get the short end of the bargain. So, ensure that the writer you’ve hired has a minimum of a Master’s degree, if not a Ph.D.

7. Allows doubt-solving sessions

Sometimes when you receive an assignment, you can have some doubts regarding the paper. However, if the website you’ve chosen doesn’t allow follow-up questions, you won’t be able to get clarifications regarding your assignment. So, ensure that the assignment help website offers doubt-clearing sessions among its services.

8. Look into the customer care response time

Responsive customer care separates average assignment help websites from reliable services. As there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting days for a reply to any query, you should check the average time it takes for the customer care executives to resolve your issues.

9. Provides revision options

It is best to choose online assignment help services that allow you to apply for revision services if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of work you’ve received. Due to unfortunate circumstances, a writer might not be able to deliver the best quality work at all times. However, you should always have the option to seek revision if:

  • The writer didn’t follow specific instructions already mentioned
  • The writing quality isn’t up to the mark
  • There are factual and technical errors in the writing

10. Investigate the turnaround time

Since many students have to rely on academic writing services when the deadline hangs over their heads like a ticking bomb, the service you hire must consistently deliver assignments on time. So, when hiring such services, go through the reviews to check what other students have to say about the delivery time.

Summing it up

While online write my assignment websites have helped millions of students overcome the struggles of writing homework, choosing a reliable service isn’t a walk in the park. If you don’t look out for the red flags, you will face issues with low-quality papers and late delivery. However, with the help of the ten tips I’ve highlighted in this blog, you can avoid falling prey to unreliable services.

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