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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Can Lead To High Expense

If you are a professional carpet cleaner, or you’re trying to become one, then it is important to know the key mistakes that can lead to high expenses.

In this article we will discuss how not following proper cleaning procedures can ruin your carpet and result in more costs than necessary. Take help from Carpet Cleaning Services company if your carpet is dirty.

Using hot water for steam cleaning

  • Hot water isn’t good for carpets. Hot water can cause carpet to shrink and wrinkle, leading to permanent damage. 
  • The high temperatures will also fade the color of your carpet over time; the dyes in the fiber of your rug are weakened by heat, causing them to run more easily. This is especially true of light-coloured carpets that have been treated with chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers that could be harmful if they get into your home’s drinking water supply.
  • Only use warm water when cleaning carpets (or anything else). You should never use hot or cold water on a damp surface like a floor or rug because it can cause premature stiffening or staining as well as shrinking upholstery.

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Applying a stain remover before water extraction

Stain removers are powerful chemicals that break down the stain, and sometimes even the carpet itself.

However, if you use a stain remover without first extracting all of the moisture from your carpet (by using a wet vacuum), those stains will still be there when you apply the stain remover—and they’ll be much more difficult to remove.

Also, consider these other problems:

  • You might also remove color from areas around your original spill (this is called “bleeding”).
  • Some bleaching agents may actually damage your carpets or other items in your home (e.g., paint on walls).

Leaving the carpet moist after cleaning it

You may be tempted to leave your carpet wet, as you think it will only take a few minutes for the moisture to dry out. However, this is not a good idea, as it could cause damage in the following ways:

  • Steam cleaners can damage carpets if used incorrectly or excessively. The steam from these machines can get trapped in loops of fibers and cause them to shrink.
  • Using the wrong cleaning solution may also cause damage. Some cleaning solutions are too harsh for delicate carpets and upholstery fabrics and will strip them of their color and luster instead of restoring their appearance. 
  • If the soil has been deeply embedded into the fibers, then using harsh chemicals on them could permanently stain or discolor them as well!


These are just a few of the most common mistakes people make when they clean their carpets. 

Plenty more things can go wrong, so if you want to protect yourself against high expenses, it’s best to contact a professional. If you’re looking for a professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company in your area, then hire a professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne today!

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