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Ways To Maintain Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning

You might not be a big fan of professional Carpet Cleaning Services. It’s easy, makes my home look and smell great, and extends my carpet’s life by up to 5 years! But there are some things you need to do afterward in order to maintain your freshly cleaned carpets.

If you don’t follow these simple steps, you could be undoing all that hard work your professional cleaner just did for you. So let’s dive into some tips on how to keep your carpet looking as clean as possible between professional cleanings:

Vacuum after the carpet dries.

Vacuum your carpet as soon as it is dry. Don’t wait for the carpet to dry completely or for any traces of moisture to disappear completely before you vacuum it. Letting stains sit on your freshly cleaned carpets may cause them to become permanent, so be sure not to delay washing away any dirt and dust particles or even small amounts of liquid that might still be present after a professional cleaning.

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To avoid pulling up any loose fibres from your carpet’s surface, use an attachment with soft bristles when vacuuming. The suction power in these attachments also helps draw dirt out from beneath the fibres so that you can see what you are cleaning up more easily—and prevents them from being trapped inside a brush head instead of being picked up by suction alone!

Remove shoes when entering your home.

Once you’ve invested in professional carpet cleaning, it’s important to maintain your carpets so they stay clean. One of the most common ways that people end up with dirty carpets is by not taking their shoes off when they enter the home. This can cause a lot of damage and make it difficult to remove stains.

To keep your carpets looking good, you should take all shoes off when entering your home and walk around barefoot until you are ready to leave again. If someone else is visiting while wearing shoes, politely ask them to take them off as well before walking on any of your floors.

Clean up spills right away.

Spills are inevitable. They happen in your home, at work, and in the car. If you have a spill on your carpeting and you let it sit there to dry, the stain will set in permanently. You need to clean up any spills right away with an absorbent towel or cloth.

If you can’t get all of the liquid up with one cloth, use a mild detergent and blot up what remains.

Spot-clean any stains.

After your Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, you will likely notice a few small stains. If you have never experienced this type of cleaning before or have not had your carpets professionally cleaned for a while, it is very important to take care of these stains right away. This will prevent them from becoming permanent stains in the carpet and help keep your beautiful new clean looking that way!


If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful clean carpet for years to come!

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