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Best Trekking Places in Ladakh

Oh- Ladakh, where do you start your trekking adventure in Ladakh? As most of you know, Ladakh is a trekking paradise and there is no shortage of blissful trekking trails in Ladakh. I’ve spent a few of the days a previous month in Ladakh and wants you to take inspiration from my list of best trekking places in Ladakh region. Bookmark these places and lock your trekking adventure in Ladakh. Let’s go!

1- Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek

Blatant cold wind hitting your face and dramatic changing landscape views at every turn. Stok Kangri Trek is in the list of toughest treks in Ladakh. And while you’re planning to visit this trek. You should keep in mind that when nature welcomes you in its arms. There is something reserved for you by the Mother Nature. Just like Stok Kangri. Expect incredible walking adventure with your gangs of the wanderer and witness surely beauty at every turn. Along with starring at the majestic Himalayan peaks and photobomb the barren beauty of Ladakh’s landscape.

This challenging trek is positioned at 20187.01 feet and thus, this is the main reason why many trekking enthusiasts want to cover this trek on their Ladakh trip. Though the trek is hard to climb because of its lack of supply of oxygen and sub zero temperature. It’s worth climbing for the trekkers to make the best of the trekking memories in Ladakh. Prepare yourself 1 month prior before embarking on this trek and as this trek is of 9 days duration and required serious physical fitness.

2- Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek

I urge you to visit this “baby trek” as this trek is 6 to 8 days long trek and will reward you with sweeping villages life of Ladakh as you’ll come across with many villages during Sham Valley Trek. The Sham Valley Trek is perfect for the beginner trekkers who want to pump their adrenaline nerves while doing trekking. And it’s not me who’s saying that Sham Valley trek is the easiest trek, ask any avid travellers, and he will suggest you that easiest treks in Ladakh are Sham Valley Trek.

Expect towering mountains passes and truly Ladakh hospitality on this trek. As you’ll come across with many locals who are heart warming to talk and many other trekking groups also.

3- Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek

Imagine yourself walking on the frozen river. Got and adrenaline in your nerves? If still not, visit this frozen trek of Ladakh. This trek is almost 75 km long, and if you want to seriously covers this trek. One need to cover nearly 17 km of trekking daily to get unmistakable snow-clad Himalayan mountain views. Though the temperature goes below to -35 degree Celsius during winter, I guess, there is a reason why this trek is featured in many magazines and travel documentaries.

The craze of walking on the frozen river Zanskar is something which sets this trek apart from the usual treks of Ladakh. I advise you to visit this trek from mid-January to February end to get the opportunity of walking on the frozen sheet of snow. Get yourself prepared for 8-9 days of adventure.

4- Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek

Brace yourself due to the fact Markha Valley Trek is the maximum visited trek inside the Ladakh vicinity because of its sheer number of tea houses on the way. This trek is ideal for beginners just like the Sham Valley Trek. You will be blessed with the suitable perspectives of prayers answering monasteries and mountain villages with an apt mixture of beautiful perspectives of Zanskar ranges.

The direction to Markha Valley trek goes thru Hemis National Park, that’s a famous vacationer destination of Ladakh for spotting snow leopards. The prime period to visit this trek is June to September and the trek needs 9-10 days of the excursion.

5- Ripchar Valley Trek

Ripchar Valley Trek

Yet another easiest trek with minimum difficulty range, Ripchar Valley Trek is the intriguing treks of Ladakh for the purpose. You’ll come upon that this trek is protected with plenty of towering mountain ranges of Zanskar, Karakoram. The preliminary point of this trek is positioned near Lamayuru Monastery. For hikers, inclined to take on the venture, the praise is inside the shape of panoramic perspectives dotted with the presence of sweeping villages. Go to this trek within the month of June to September. As this is the time whilst the valley of Ripchar blossoms with bird spotting adventure. Gear up yourself for the 9 amusing days here.

Trekking Essentials


This is one of the major needs, you should take into consideration, as wound and aching feet can really wreck your trek. It is recommended to take a pair of light weight trekking boots, which is suitable for walking over coarse topography and comfortable for long distance treks. Good quality fabric boots are recommended for a comfortable walk. If you are planning for a trekking activity for a couple of days to snow-covered trails, you should opt for a waterproof trekking boot or a leather boot.


Gaiters will keep your feet warm and dry in wet and snowy conditions. It is basically clipped on to the boot laces and is synchronized by a strap or lace, which is perfect for trekking to the coldest places. These gaiters are extensively available.


If you choose to wear two pair of socks, the inner socks should be of cotton or made up of woollen. It is always wise to carry 2 pairs. For those who have a preference to wear a single pair of socks, then it should be made up of natural fibers for utmost warmth and ease.


Before choosing clothes make sure they are adaptable along with weather condition. Where it is warm enough, you can choose to wear trek shorts and a long sleeve cotton shirt or T-shirt. But, for colder places, you can opt to wear layers of thermal clothing and on top of these thermals you should add layers of fleece. The windproof fleece garments are warmer.

Sun protection

If you are trekking to warmer place sun protection is to be taken seriously. At the height the sun light is strong, and sunglasses with high percent ultraviolet and infrared filtration are recommended. You should bring an ample amount of sun cream.

Tips for Trekking

Make sure you are fit

Before you plan a trekking trip medical check-up should be the major priority. Trekkers might undergo some illness, cold, cough or fever, which need to be informed to the trek manager. Moreover, while on the trail, you must tell him if you are suffering from dysentery, bad blisters, headaches or dizziness as it requires immediate attention.

Do not push your limits

Exhaustion is a normal issue that the first time trekkers usually face. If you are out of the habit of walking very long distances, try covering short distances in a go. Keep your restrictions in consideration.

Drink lots of water when you are walking

Whether you are trekking in a hot climate or cold your fluid intake is necessary in all circumstances. Breath loss and sweat will reduce the blood volume that will cause your heart to work much harder making you thirst every time. So try and drink a small quantity of water throughout your trek.

Fuel your trekking

While you are trekking your energy requirements will increase. Make sure you eat small, frequent meals and snacks to maintain energy levels. Intake fruit as it is easily available and excellent for an energy boost.

Hope the tips provided will be helpful to get much more out of your trekking experience. Our resort at Nainital, Corbett, Manali, Ladakh, Palampur and Pushkar offer some of the spectacular trails for trekking activities.

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