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Altcoins that might outpace Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2022

The topic of cryptocurrency has now become very popular among the aspiring young crypto enthusiasts who are now looking up to pursue a lucrative career in crypto space. For that they take keen interest in staying abreast with Cardano news today. There are many crypto-based websites that make them follow ADA Cardano news now for new crypto updates. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is that one initiative that paved the new wave of decentralized money to the world economy. 


Ever since it made its inception, it has given stupendous returns about 60,000,000%. However, things do not remain as same all the time. The grandest cryptocurrency experienced its downside in the last year. It lacked in performance in comparison to its other competitive cryptocurrencies according to market cap. But it is all common in the crypto world. These crypto assets are prone to market volatility. So one cannot estimate the waning fame of Bitcoin. 


Despite facing downfall in its price, it is still considered as digital gold or in other words store of value. With that it means Bitcoin won’t be losing its worth over time. The risk factor of volatility is all common with cryptocurrencies. In comparison to them, Bitcoin is the safest one in comparison to various minor coins. It has reached to its mainstream level and has been adopted by bigger firms. But comparatively in the current stage, it is unable to produce the equivalent percentage gains like smaller coins. 


Indeed today investors have multiple alternate crypto options to invest in. Still, it is not that easier to predict the complete downfall of Bitcoin, as it is still holds its reputation of globally popular crypto coin. Plus, crypto giant still has a place in your portfolio. 

Altcoins that can outpace Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2022

Now let us list down some of those altcoins that have potential to outshone Bitcoin with their speedy growth in 2022. 


This would come as surprise for you but it is true that Cosmos might be that dark horse cryptocurrency that can surpass Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2022. And it is all possible because of its programmable blockchain that also focus upon the interoperability. This ensures the networks connectivity. In this current year, interoperability will become a mainstream issue paving Cosmos a new worthy altcoin contender to watch out for. Current price: $20.95.



Ethereum is popularly known as second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is also known to be the initial cryptocurrency behind the launch of smart contracts that allow building of apps on its network. Hence, it is no wrong predicting that Ethereum is the mainstay of uprising decentralized finance and NFT industry. But sometimes success comes with an added problem. Ethereum is one such example as it suffers from network congestion and high gas fees.  It is under process of ETH 2 upgradation, which is expected to be finished in this year (2022). Current price: $2,897.54. 


Despite not being a bigger name in the altcoin industy, AGIX also comes as new potential player that has potential to compete its big senior crypto Bitcoin. SingularityNet is the first decentralized AI network in the world today. At present, its native cryptocurrency AGIX has traded up to 5 cents with 950 million circulating supply. 


Now you would think as why one should be bullish on AGIX. Well, the credit of this goes to the team behind it. Their main goal is to bring decentralized AI to the firms. If you talk about products then this altcoin guarantees largest open AI marketplaces worldwide. Hence the industry of AGIX seems promising and appealing. Currently, it is underrated at current levels. Current price: $0.1079.


Audius comes as another altcoin that has potential to compete Bitcoin cryptocurrency. And we are saying this because this decentralized music streaming platform is going to become the new Spotify. It will be beneficial for the music artists in uploading the music on the platform directly, and in return can earn rewards. No record labels or other platforms is needed. Last year in August, Audius came up with a declaration about its partnership with TikTok. Besides this, it is also backed by some strong crypto supporters. Current price: $1.09.

Final words

So these are those altcoins that have potential to outshone Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2022, and coming years ahead. So let us see whether it all comes true or not. Bitcoin might be at its lower now still, it is regarded as digital gold. It still makes a special place in your portfolio. Hence, if you want to remain with choice of BTC, then do go for it. 


However, one must consider other alternate choices with new competitors like Audius, Cosmos, AGIX, and the close competitor Ethereum (Ether). Stay abreast with crypto price movements or Cardano news now on the leading cryptocurrency website, Cryptoknowmics. It is a crypto guide for all those curious crypto enthusiasts. It covers all the latest crypto news and events. 

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