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African Mofongo Recipe – A Twisted Recipe

African Mofongo Recipe

Are you willing to try something new tonight?

Let us introduce you to the perfect African Mofongo recipe. Besides all the traditional recipes available for the African mofongo, the one followed in this article has something special.
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Can you guess what?

It’s the Sauce.

We will help you make African Mofongo with Dingolay gourmet hot sauces to enhance the flavor without over shadowing the authentic taste.

African mofongo recipe

As it is always easier to follow the recipes in the form of steps, this is the easier African mofongo recipe available online.

Ingredients for African mofongo recipe

  • Take four to five pieces of plantains
  • Half a cup of oil
  • One chopped onion
  • Bacon
  • Chopped cloves of garlic 2-3
  • Water approximately 1 liter
  • Then, the pork rinds for 250 to 300 grams
  • Salt to taste


  1. So, take a big bowl, and add one-liter water to it
  2. Then, fully soak the plantains in that water
  3. Firstly, take a chopping board and chop onions on it
  4. Then, pour oil into a frying pan and add put the onions to it
  5. Afterward, peel the green plantains
  6. Then, you will chop them into smaller slices
  7. Afterward, put them in the same pan for frying
  8. Once, they have fried, take them out
  9. Now, take put some bacon for frying
  10. For this, add oil to the pan and add bacon
  11. Then, add a pinch of salt and chopped garlic into it
  12. Afterward, take a mortar
  13. Then, you will add some portion of plantains with the fried bacon
  14. Similarly, repeat this procedure, by taking smaller portions
  15. Next, you will form a ball like a shape from the mixture
  16. Serve it on a platter

Where did Mofongo Originate

The dish takes place its origin in Africa. Where people first cooked it. But you can never say this dish is only from Africa. Because people have used various techniques and methods from different cultures. Similarly, people may serve this dish in their main meal. Although the plantains are only grown and cultivated in the Asian continent.

Whereas, people like to make this dish in other continents also. This is because the farmers say that can only grow plantains in hot climate regions. Also, people like this dish because it contains soft bananas. That can easily be chewed and eaten by everyone.

The African mofongo is full of savory flavors. Because people make it with green ripened plantains. Then they use chopped garlic in the African mofongo recipe. In particular, the major step of the dish is its mixing. People mix in the old mortar and pestle.

Because it gives them a great test. It enhances the juiciness of the dish. Similarly, every ingredient mixes efficiently with the plantains. Hence, you won’t be able to identify ingredients separately.

Hence, if you take a bite you won’t understand what ingredients are added. Rather you would feel the flavors of the dish. Then, people use their hands to make it. Rather than using machines or stencils or molds.

Therefore, they make their tradition of eating such kinds of dishes with their families. From their generations, this recipe is common to everyone. They usually have it on special occasions like celebrations, weddings, etc.

Importance of African mofongo recipe dish

You can easily make this dish. No such spices or sauces are added to the recipe. Because everything added to the recipe is simple. Like plantains, are healthy. They contain a great content of plantains. That will help your cell production to boost up.

Moreover, it will maintain your blood pressure. And it will normalize your rate of heart and pulse rate. Also. It has fiber in it. This fiber will reduce the cholesterol content in the body. Altogether these factors will maintain your health.

What to serve with African mofongo

Usually people serve with the following dishes like

  • Pork rinds
  • Chicken broth
  • You can serve it with meat. And you can serve it with stuffing in meat
  • Then, you can eat it with seafood like prawns, shrimps, and fish
  • Also, people like to eat it with sauces like hot sauces and creamy sauces that are mild
  • you can have it in the soaps
  • Afterward, you can eat it with rice
  • People serve it with boiled or steamed vegetables

To learn more about the Recipe and the sauces, visit www.dingolayhotsauces.com.

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