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3 benefits of Microsoft Teams for Educational Institutions

Microsoft Teams has become one of the de facto tools used by educational institutions for distance learning and collaboration. As of July 2022, Teams reached 250 million monthly active users with Microsoft Consulting firm . That number is impressive considering the platform launched in 2017!

However, there is a good reason for this significant use: Teams is a software that effectively helps communicate and collaborate online both in the midst of the pandemic and after it.

There are different benefits of Teams for users in the educational field. In fact, this is why it is one of the most popular platforms for schools. Here are three things you need to know!

Microsoft Teams insights help educators track student progress

Microsoft has been adept at harnessing the power of computer-generated insights to help people work more efficiently. For example, Outlook has an Insights tab that allows people to learn about their after-hours impact, catch up on email, suggest essential people, and more. Many people take advantage of this knowledge to make their work much more efficient.

Similarly, Teams has an Insights feature specifically for educators . This feature helps provide real-time analysis of progress and activity within a class. With this data, you can see which students are digitally engaged (or not), access class grades and grade distributions, and view activity across multiple classes. In fact, while this insight helps the individual teacher, it also helps the entire school create more effective and engaging courses.

There is a lot of information packed into these insights. It’s just one of the many benefits of taking classes through Teams!

Easy administration included with Office 365

One of the other big benefits of Microsoft Teams is that there is a free version. Educators will probably want the payment. Still, even that can come included with an Office 365 subscription, so you’ll get everything you need to be a productive educational facility in one convenient subscription.

It’s profitable from a subscription perspective and it’s also profitable from an administrative perspective; Since it’s just another Office app, it’s easy for IT professionals to manage. For example, instead of needing new accounts and credentials, people can sign in with their AAD accounts in Windows and automatically transfer them to Teams. Everything is fluid and intuitive, meaning even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy can use it.

Bring everyone together with multiple formats

Teams is much more than a video chat platform. Unlike many of its competitors, you can use Microsoft Teams for video chat, text chat, calendars, assignments, quizzes, live events, and much more. Microsoft Teams isn’t one-dimensional: There are numerous plugins that educators can use (including custom-built ones) to enhance and enrich the experience for both educators and students.

Of course, Office itself is quite extensible, so it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has also made Teams extensible.

Microsoft Teams is a great option for educational institutions

For educational institutions both large and small, Teams is a fantastic option for remote learning and internal collaboration. In fact, whether you’re a college-level educator or teaching math to some first graders, Teams is a powerful tool thanks to its rich insights, multiple communication formats, and ease of use and administration.

At INVID Group, we have extensive experience with Teams. If you’re thinking of using Teams at your school, contact us ! We’d love to help get your educational facility set up to use this amazing platform.

10 benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is fast

Speed ​​is critical for businesses of all kinds, and is a key marker of competitive advantage. In the context of this Azure benefit , speed is key three:

deployment speed
operating speed
Scalability speed

Increase your business agility

Companies using Microsoft Azure have faster development cycles than those using on-premises solutions. This means that when they are developing their applications they can get a more responsive response. This generates exploring the results of technologies in a way that suits business objectives. And this agility generates cost savings.

Azure offers global coverage

Azure has the advantage of easily adapting to the performance and utilization requirements of each company, whether it is a local company or one with locations in different countries. It allows you to focus on business objectives, forgetting about the infrastructure that supports your processes . Also from a user perspective, you always get a great experience and they are not location dependent.

Azure integrated development environment

Azure has the benefit of having the world’s leading development environment: Visual Studio . As a result, the usual learning curve associated with a new platform is drastically reduced.

Azure offers an “end to end” solution

Azure offers security to enterprises and developers with a platform of integrated tools that avoid integration problems and risks of evolution or continuity … without having to resort to third-party solutions.

Disaster recovery solved with Azure

Azure has great disaster recovery capabilities. This includes topics like failover locations and recovery point objectives.

Regional and global fail-over options
Hot and cold standby models
Capabilities reset performance

Azure is a flexible spend

Microsoft Azure may not be cheaper than a private cloud. One of the advantages of cloud computing is that you can very efficiently test new solutions and their impact. Once this is done, you can then choose to tactically scale in areas that bring the best business results. Azure reduces the need to pay for inefficient resources. Similarly, if we have seasonal differences in demand, we just need to adapt your Azure portal.

Microsoft Azure is safe

Azure offers seamless and secure sign-in for your users . Users can easily access all of their relevant platforms without the requirement of remembering a complex password . By doing so, you can reduce the ability to hack selected accounts and enable more incremental controls, such as location and device specific.

Ensure GDPR compliance with the help of Azure

Companies need to focus on their business results and don’t want to consider whether their data or management solutions comply with policies specific to their industry or based on the location of where they do business.

Microsoft provides platforms that meet this requirement, and is committed to offering cloud services that meet all the requirements of the new GDPR data protection regulation.

Azure can be deployed anywhere

Microsoft has developed Azure Stack, an extension of Azure to run hybrid applications consistently on-premises

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