Advantages of Food Security Raw Material for New Compostable Packaging

Cassava Starch as A Raw Material

After a decade of research, a group of engineers managed to create compostable bags that dissolve in water in just a few seconds, thanks to cassava starch as a raw material. The bags developed are compostable. We are best Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer.

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In fact, even though the development began as a project, since 2016 they became Eco-bioplastic, a company that began to carry out pilot tests to take this production to an industrial scale The initiative and projections.

Easily Biodegradable Bag

The bag is easily biodegradable and its decomposition in environments other than water can take between days and a few months depending on the conditions and the place where it disposed of.

Cassava Starch Alleviating the Economic Situation of Farmers

Additionally, a new use given to products such as cassava, where food security not put at risk because a large part of the production of this tuber lost due to problems of transportation, preservation, and low prices. And that it could transform into cassava starch for industrial use, thus alleviating the economic situation of farmers, of Eco-Bioplastic. This initiative carried out with the participation of the Materials and Manufacturing. We are manufacturer:  Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer.

Projects for New Compostable Packaging

Eco Friendly Bags ManufacturerAccording to the participants, this project is proof that the academy can connect effectively with the real world, because academic projects can become enterprises and, at the same time, provide innovation.

Precisely, according to information from, is preparing to increase its production and thus become a solution to sustainability challenges: every year the oceans receive approximately eight million tons of plastic waste, according to figures.

This will involve developing new lines of business that include new compostable packaging for fresh products, that contain some type of moisture or that are foamed product solutions, among others, manager of the company and representative.

Eco-Bioplastic Achieves Production of Compostable Cassava Starch Bags

Eco Friendly Bags ManufacturerThis company was from demonstrating once again that academia and industry are a winning formula for innovation and development. Eco-Bioplastic achieves production of compostable cassava starch bags.

Reducing the consumption of single-use plastics is a public policy that has gained strength in recent years. And it is not for nothing, if approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste reach the sea every year, of which the vast majority have a useful life of less than one day. However, with or without plastic bags, the need to classify waste persists.

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Water-Soluble Cassava Starch Bags

That is why, of the, with the support of the Ministry of Sciences, developed compostable and water-soluble cassava starch bags; This means that it dissolves in water without affecting the environment and since it made with non-toxic raw material, if it reaches a water source, it would dissolve and could even serve as food for fish.

Great Advantage Food Security Raw Material

In addition, another great advantage of using this tuber as a raw material is that food security not put at risk, since the cassava residues that lost during transport and distribution used. A satisfactory result of this project between academia and industry is the founding of the Eco-Bioplastic company. Which seeks to manufacture these bags on an industrial scale. The Department, is in charge as technical manager of the company and points out that this type of project can serve to encourage other professors to connect the academy with the industry.

Compostable Packaging for Fresh Products

This is a big step for Eco-Bioplastic, as they hope to not only produce cassava starch bags but also compostable packaging that will help reduce levels of plastic pollution. This will involve developing new lines of business that include new compostable packaging for fresh products, that contain some type of moisture or that are foamed product solutions, among others.

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