Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home Using Decorative Laminates

Using Decorative Laminates


Laminates are hard and brittle sheets (both glossy and matte) with a thickness of about 1 mm. Laminates are widely used as overlays or coverings on wood, for example, in laminated table tops, cupboard doors, wood panels, or other wooden furniture. There are many laminate companies in India that offer premium quality, durable, and cost-effective laminates to suit the needs of the consumers.

These days, laminates have become the best choice due to many factors like cost-effectiveness, temperature resistance, durability, aesthetic appeal, and scratch proof and generally retain their look for years. The best laminates are also easy to maintain. Top Laminates supplier in India offers laminates with various designs which are manufactured by printing patterns on paper.

Laminate is also popular in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants and more because they are fuss-free and easy to clean or maintain. Nowadays, workstations in offices are also manufactured using laminates to handle more wear and tear.


Motion Plywood is a leading laminates manufacturer in UP


Motion Plywood brings a legacy of outstanding artistry, unmatched quality and a strong passion for excellence to the table as designers, classy and elegant.  Laminates can be both high pressure and low process depending on the manufacturing process. Also known as compact laminates, they do not require a base as they are self-supporting and do not need to be glued to any surface.


Motion Plywood is a leading laminates manufacturer in UP that provides Decorative, Exterior Grade, Synchronized, High and Low-Pressure Laminates to match the needs and specifications of the customers. Fire retardant laminates are also available nowadays. A special chemical is applied to these laminates which adds to their heat-resistant property and can be used effectively in kitchens and other high-traffic places like multiplexes or malls. Motion Plywood is the best laminate brand for kitchen. They are economical and are offered by leading laminate companies in India.




As laminate is so readily available in India with such a huge variety, let’s take a look at how laminate can be used effectively to style your home-



Modular Cabinets:


Nowadays kitchen cabinets are manufactured using plywood with decorative laminates. It enhances its exquisite appeal as well as durability.



Laminate is commonly used to make furniture items like sofas, beds, stools, tables, wardrobes, etc. Due to the laminate properties, it remains the top choice.


Shelves in washrooms, study rooms, and kitchens are other popular applications of laminate.


Moreover, in the bedroom, the wall behind the bed can also be highlighted using laminates which are offered by the top laminate supplier in India. Laminate can also be used to create partitions that will not only provide functional applications but also look attractive.


Motion Ply is a leading laminates supplier that provides a large range of choices, from high-quality material to designs that meets your needs. Make a pick. Let’s create wonderful rooms together with Tajpuria laminates, the best sunmica brand to buy.  In terms of thickness, laminates are available in three different levels. The thickness can be selected from 1mm laminates, .72 mm mica, or 0.8 mm mica laminates , depending on the intended application.

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