Why is Streetwear Starting to Win Fashion Awards?

Should we really be surprised that streetwear is now winning fashion awards? A lot of people in the fashion world are surprised that it has actually taken this long. Over recent years you can’t have failed to notice that it is making its way into offices with graphic T-shirts replacing formal shirts, jeans replacing trousers, and sneakers replacing Oxford shoes.


The name “streetwear” is very accommodating as it covers so many aspects of fashion and although still closely associated with the hip-hop scene, it is now far more mainstream. The fact that it is so popular is one of the main reasons why some of the major fashion brand such as supreme, anti social social club, and kappa are joining the party. Some, such as Louis Vuitton don’t seem entirely confident going it alone just yet as we have seen them team up with Supreme in the past. It is perhaps because ‘the big guns are on the market that streetwear is now starting to win so many accolades.


Streetwear Starting to Win Fashion Awards


Clothes streetwear is a big business as most people own some form of clothing that would fit underneath this very broad umbrella. Surely, this is one of the main reasons why it is winning fashion awards. These awards should be going to outfit streetwear clothing that everyday people want to wear and not to the top brands that are out of reach of most people. This thankfully seems to have been recognized and top fashion awards are now going to manufacturers. They produce clothing that people actually want to wear.


Of course, there will always be those at polar ends of the spectrum that feel that streetwear shouldn’t be getting a sniff at these awards. Traditionalists within the hip-hop scene may feel that it takes away the individualist side of things and men clothing urban is now becoming too popular and too mainstream. Then there will be those involved with high-end fashion who believe that what are essentially casual clothes have no place at fashion awards. Luckily, most people fit in the middle of these two extremes and streetwear does get the credit it deserves.


Streetwear Starting to Win Fashion Awards


Will one day we see Adidas and Lacoste winning fashion awards? Well, maybe that is a little bit too much to hope for right now but who arguably has had a bigger impact on high-street fashion in the last decade than Adidas? Their sneakers are as popular now as they were 30 years ago and have something of a cult status. This deserves to be recognized and embraced but perhaps the fashion industry is not quite ready for that just yet.


If you walk along any high street in the world or browse for streetwear online there is a good chance that you will see something that sticks out, grabs your attention, and stays in your mind. There is an equally good chance that if this happens to you it will happen to others too so maybe in the future these types of clothing will start to win the kudos too.


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