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A Guide to Buy Branded Laptop online in Pakistan

Choosing the branded laptop online is an exasperated task because of overwhelming options with varied specs out there. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, 2-in-1 convertible laptops, business laptops, notebooks, Macbook, or Chromebook, there will be a host of factors that you should consider for brand new laptops online shopping in Pakistan. Even if you know about every component of the PC, you will still get confused during Amazon shopping in Pakistan. But don’t worry because we are here to navigate you for the best purchase. Below we mention each consideration that buyers should look into a branded laptop shopping Pakistan. Our guide will streamline the options online to make you pick the best-suited PC with the just-right specification.

Let’s run into a comprehensible jargon for buying branded laptops online.

1.     Pick the best operating system for you:

The prime thing is to find out the best operating platform that fulfills your computing need. We brief down all available platforms that you can take into your consideration for determining your needs.

  • Windows OS is the perfect pick if you want a PC for running Microsoft apps, such as Access, Outlook, MS office, etc. They are relatively cheap laptops with amazing configurations that make your work done smoothly.
  • macOS is ideal for beginners because of its simple user interface. Moreover, it also provides powerful multitasking with no security lapses. Still, you need to pick MacBook consciously to invest in useful technology.
  • Chrome OS is great for surfing on the web, navigating social accounts, or checking emails. Thus, businessmen will find it best to make their computing tasks streamlined. Moreover, Chromebooks are portable, lightweight, and inexpensive to make them reliable for running android apps.
  • Linux is useful for technical people or engineers who need to work on different learning curves. It does not support MS Office, Adobe’s creative suite, and other windows based applications. So, do not pick it if you work on android or MS applications.

2.     Consider the size and weight of the laptop:

Before you move to the hardware specifications of branded laptops, you should consider their size and structure. These physical specs ensure the portability of the computer to enhance its usability. This physical aspect is measured by the display size, i.e., 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches, 15 to 16 inches, and 17 to 18 inches. The higher the display size, the heavier the laptop will be. The slimmer and thinner one is specially designed to carry anywhere for portable computing tasks. When it comes to massive ones, you will find the best alternative to desktop computers.

3.     Look for an ergonomic keyboard and touchpad:

If you want branded laptops for professional work, you should consider an ergonomic outlook. There should be spacing between keys to bring seamless typing with ease. Moreover, the touchpad should provide smooth scrolling and multi-touch gesture for accurate and precise tracking. When you look for the best laptop in Pakistan with price, check out the outlook of keyboard and touchpad.

4.     Check the specs of hardware:

Now, come to the internal specifications that define the quality of computing tasks, gaming, processing, and entertainment. Here we brief down all component specs for your quick overview.

·        Processor:

The processor determines the speed of the system to run complex software. When you pick the advanced and robust processor, you will find the smooth running of many programs at a time. In an online marketplace, you will majorly find two types of processors, i.e., Intel ® and AMD processors. Intel’s Core series come as multicore processors that support a varied range of computing and gaming activities. For your quick guide, you can consider Core i9 for high-end gaming performance, Core i7 for high masaj istanbul definition content creation and editing, core i5 for multiple computing tasks, and core i3 for daily productivity tasks and entertainment. In contrast, the AMD processor enables sleek design with accelerated performance. The available options in AMD Ryzen processor include Ryzen 3 for browsing and entertainment, Ryzen 5 for all-around multimedia performance, Ryzen 7 for heavy-duty programs, and Ryzen 9 for the elite gaming experience.

·        RAM:

The cheap laptops price in Pakistan has only 4GB RAM, which is not enough for a smooth program run. You should invest in a system having at least 8GB RAM. If budget is not the driving factor, you should go with 16 GB RAM or above. 32GB, 64GB, and above are great for high-end workstations or gaming.

·        Graphic cards:

You will find high-end and low-end graphic cards in branded laptops. The low-end graphic chips are Nvidia MX450 and GTX 1660 GPUs, perfect for business laptops. The high-end chips include RTX 3070, 3080 GPUs, RTX 2050, and RTX 2060. They are ideal for robust gaming or heavy-duty workstations.

·        Display quality:

Display resolution is all about how much visual content fits on the screen. The lower-cost system mostly has lower display quality while the expensive one has higher resolution. Nevertheless, we recommend at least 1920 x 1080 for reasonable display quality and 2560 x 1600, 3200 x 1800, or even 3840 x 2160 for sharp, clear, and 4K display. If the display specs include a wide-ranged IPS panel, it will be perfect for improving color, brightness, and overall picture quality.

·        Storage drive:

If you invest in a large-capacity SSD, you will find exceptional speed in processing. In the storage options, you will find PCIe and eMMC memory for improving computing performance. The former one is heavy-duty and later works perfectly for everyday productivity tasks.

·        Connectivity:

Always consider checking connectivity specifications. Experts prefer a device with 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5, and Wi-Fi 6 support to experience improved connectivity. If you can afford a high-end laptop, buy a branded laptop with 5G support.

·        Ports:

Ensure that your chosen PC has all the required ports for connecting other laptop accessories. This ports checklist includes USB-C port, USB-A ports, SD reader port, Headphone jack port, and USB-C charging port.

5.     Consider Battery power:

If you want a portable laptop, choose one having at least 7 hours long battery life. In contrast, you do not need to consider battery life if you choose a bulkier system for use on the desk near a power outlet. You will find many options in an online marketplace with long-lasting battery endurance.

6.     Check options as per your budget:

Most people make mistakes by considering branded laptop prices in Pakistan as the first step. Budget is undoubtedly an important consideration, but it is not worth buying a cheap PC with insufficient features. Thus, it is essential to streamline your required specifications then find the requisite device that falls closest to your budget. Fortunately, many manufacturers and brands have a versatile range, depending on the price scale. So, it will be easier to get your required configurations in cheap laptops.

7.     Pick the best laptop brand in Pakistan:

After knowing the best requirements for your PC, you need to browse through the best laptop brands and their products. Some worth-considering names include HP laptop, Dell Laptop, Acer Laptops, Asus Laptops, Apple MacBook, Lenovo Laptop, MSI Laptop, and more. Always consider buying them from a reliable and authentic online store that ensures 100% original purchases for you.

We hope that you have streamlined your requirements for making the best purchase. So, what are you waiting for now? Start browsing, shortlist some options, compare their specs and prices, and buy the best one online.


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