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5 Tips To Study Effectively While Working

Study effectively while working isn’t easy; they are two different ball games you have to juggle.

However, it’s necessary for those who are responsible for their sustenance. While studying and working simultaneously builds you up emotionally, physically, economically, and socially, you must learn to balance both to avoid one affecting the other.

Study effectively while working

Work and school are challenging, especially in this part of the world, but you can excel at both. Below are five tips to help you study effectively while running your business or working as an employee. 


Time management skill

If you don’t know how to manage your time, you’ll struggle with juggling school and work. There’ll be no balance, and you’ll fail at both eventually. Time is very important; some people often refer to it as the unit of destiny. To manage your time, be clear on your priorities, how best to do them within a short period and what you need. Many students think managing time isn’t for them, but like every other necessity you neglect, it comes back to haunt them later in life like every other necessity you neglect. 

Have a timetable

The human mind can be very forgetful. So, to make your life easier and avoid wasting time, make a timetable that identifies all your activities for study and work.  You can choose to make a different timetable for each. What matters is that your timetable should show your activities in order of importance and urgency. What should be first should not be slotted for later in the day and vice versa. This way, your work won’t affect your studies.


While you should ensure your timetable is productive, don’t stress yourself to the point of breaking down. Remember that rest is an integral part of productivity and balance. If you stress yourself too much at work, you can’t actively participate in class. If you bite more than you can chew at school, you can’t work properly. So, you need to rest as and when due!

Asides resting properly, you also need to eat well. Good food helps build energy and strengthen the blood cells. When you eat healthy meals, you get the strength to study in school and work after school. So, eat well and rest properly.

Put Away Distractions

Whether you are studying, working or resting, avoid getting distracted. When distracted, your attention is divided, and you won’t get the best out of whatever you are doing. Besides, distractions stress you out mentally. If you manage your time well and follow your timetable, you’ll find that you’ll have time for doing other things you love. 

Keep the Appropriate Authorities in the Loop

You have two bosses if you study and work; your boss at work and your teacher at school. Make sure both of them know what you are doing. It’s easier for your boss to reduce your workload if they know you are studying. Also, your teacher can help by giving you more practical tips on how to ace your schoolwork or more time to work on assignments and projects.


Of a truth, studying while working isn’t easy but if you find yourself in this situation, decide that you’ll juggle both excellently. You won’t fail at either as you follow the tips listed above. More importantly, you’re building life skills on which you can fall back later in life! 

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