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5 Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for Tackling Any Mess

Carpet receives plenty of tear and wear. But there is no way to switch to abrasive chemicals for cleaning them. As per cleaning expert, there are some homemade carpets cleaning solutions which can do the trick for you. They are highly effective just like commercial solutions to make your carpet clean. Here are top 5 homemade carpet cleaning solutions for you. Read on to know them.

Best stain cleaning solution

For spot treatment, you can combine vinegar and baking soda together. They act in excellent manner as cleaner for their chemical reaction. The reaction results in oxygenated and safe gas forms that will eliminate the stain from the carpet’s surface.

Steps to apply it

  1. Apply baking soda on stain and over it evenly
  2. Add a little vinegar amount on it to lead to fizz of baking soda
  3. Use hard-bristled brush for massaging the area gently
  4. Let it sit for 4-6 hours till it dries up completely
  5. Lastly, vacuum the residue of baking soda

Best solution for steam cleaning

Vinegar is right substance to use for cleaning the whole carpet along steam cleaner. You can rent it from nearby local stores or get one to use on a permanent basis. You need to know if the carpet fibre is natural or synthetic. Accordingly you have to take the ratio of the water and vinegar.

You need to deal carefully with the natural fibres as they are highly delicate. For natural fibres you need to take one-to-one vinegar and water ratio. In case you are unsure then flip over the carpet to notice the beneath. The bottom of every synthetic carpet is hard.

Steps to apply it

  1. Make the perfect ratio of vinegar and water according to the carpet fibres. For synthetic fibres it is 1:2 and for natural ones it is 1:1.
  2. Then pour it into steam cleaner
  3. Follow the cleaning instructions to clean your carpet
  4. Let it to dry up completely

Best solution for recent spills

Salt is excellent in absorbing recent liquid stains before the spill sets on the fibres. Its granular property vacuums up the spilled mess. If there is set stain then scrubbing with salt creates abrasion and it lifts the stain easily.

Steps to apply it

  1. Firstly, blot the stain using a rag for absorbing excessive moisture
  2. Sprinkle pinch of salt by cover it evenly and rest it to sit for 5 minutes
  3. Now add little quantity of plain cold water
  4. Scrub the spot for a minute using soft brush
  5. Rinse the area using damp cloth and dry it by continuous blotting
  6. On the basis of the stain, you have to use baking soda and vinegar to finish the stain cleaning task.

Best solution for patterned and dark rugs

Although both vinegar and baking soda is literally safe yet it can leave residue on the patterned and dark-coloured carpet. That’s why you can use liquid dishwashing detergent with vinegar to spray all over the carpet. Due to the use of baking soda it is efficient for removing stains with no residue leaving behind. Dish detergent is highly effective for breaking down greasy stains.

Steps to apply it

  1. Take a cup of vinegar along a teaspoon of dish soap in the spray bottle
  2. Spray it on the stain like it form a cover
  3. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes
  4. Scrub the area using hard-bristled brush. It will remove the stain without the necessity of rinsing the carpet.

Best solution to deodorize

For removing musty smell and freshen the carpet you must opt for dry cleaning solution. It is not so efficient for removing bacteria and stains yet there is no wait for drying hours.

Steps to apply it

  1. Spray baking soda all over the carpet after dusting the area.
  2. Then apply fragrant dried spice like rosemary or cinnamon and sprinkle it all over baking soda. However don’t forget for spot-testing as it can stain the carpet.
  3. Allow it to rest for half an hour.
  4. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet.

Tips to condition the carpet

As per cleaning expert, you can make use of laundry fabric softener as carpet is made from similar fabric as that of garments. You can also prepare a homemade softener solution using hot water, fabric softener, dishwashing detergent and clear vinegar. Spray the solution on the carpet fibres until it becomes damp. To make it work into the fibres use soft brush and let it dry.

What is the frequency of cleaning the carpet?

Regular maintenance is something which ensures the original look and smell of the rug. You must steam clean it once or twice a year. Light-coloured and high-traffic carpet deems for frequent cleaning. Clean the carpet right away after there is stain or spill or having visible dirt and musty odour. Carpet cleaning is good idea especially if you catch allergies.


Carpet cleaning is the integral part of household chores. But you must not use any abrasive chemicals for the task as it can ruin the carpet from every aspect. Simply you can use common kitchen ingredients to deal with your stained and dirty carpet. In case your carpet mats down heavily then you can seek professional’s assistance.

You can just search for carpet cleaning services near me online to find the reliable cleaner for the job.

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