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A Few Tips for Choosing Your Cleaning Shampooer

A Cleaner Dedicated to The Maintenance of Carpets and Rugs

For deeply sanitized and refreshed carpets and rugs, the shampooer combines high-pressure injection of a heated cleaning solution and simultaneous extraction of dirt extracted from textile fibers. This article helps you choose the model of cleaner specializing in the maintenance of textile surfaces that is best suited to your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing your shampooer

For occasional maintenance of a few rugs or a limited area of carpet, all models of shampooers are suitable. It is essentially on their ability to clean large surfaces, on their power (guarantee of effectiveness on all textiles, even the most difficult to clean thoroughly such as mattresses or high-pile carpets), and on their functionalities that the distinction between the different models can be made.

While the primary function of any carpet shampooer is to thoroughly clean textile floors, some models are also capable of cleaning hard surfaces such as flooring, tiles, linoleum, etc.

The capacity of the clean water and dirty water tanks is also a criterion to look closely at. In case of particularly intensive use, large volume tanks are to be. Favored so as not to make cleaning too uncomfortable by multiple trips to and from the sink.

The size, as well as the weight of the machine, must also be examined: too heavy or of an excessive size, it can be difficult to move from one room or from one floor to another. home, make cleaning uncomfortable, and discourage regular maintenance. Light, compact, and particularly handy shampooers are now available for purchase.

Finally, the range of available accessories (standard or optional) and any special features (for example, the ability to be. Used on vertical surfaces such as tapestries) will also point towards certain models rather than others.

An overview of the shampooer

Rich in a variety of models that meet the most diverse needs, the range of shampooers is based around a few emblematic models:

The Stain Pro 6: evolution of the Stain Pro 4 from which it takes up the strengths, it is a high-performance, versatile and accessible shampooer, equipped with large capacity tanks. Thanks to its accessories, it will clean your textile floors as well as your upholstery, your stairs, or the interior of your vehicle. With a sound volume limited to 77 dB, it is no louder than a standard vacuum cleaner.

The Pro Heat 2X Lift-Off is a high-end and uncompromising model that is as efficient. As it is practical and easy to handle. The cleaning unit of this shampooer is removable and can be. Detached from the foot and carried manually. In combination with the narrow 8 cm full xxx videos nozzle against stubborn stains and the crevice nozzle with integrated spray, it is the guarantee of simplified access to the smallest nooks, crannies, and interstices of your home, or even your vehicle.

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The new Hydro wave combines lightness, maneuverability. And great versatility since it comes with its brush-roller for hard floors to extend its possibilities. This shampooer is. Equipped with an express cleaning mode allowing particularly fast cleaning and pre-drying. In less than an hour, your surface is clean, sanitized, and dry again. Finally, its clean and light design and its great ergonomics ensure both comfortable cleaning and easy storage.

Maintenance of carpets and rugs: and why not a stain remover?

Your accommodation is not equipped with large carpets, but with a small carpeted staircase? Do you have a fabric sofa that your young child or your pet inevitably ends up staining? Detachers are for you.

A sort of miniature and portable shampooer, the stain remover is suitable for auxiliary use. And offers a significant complement to traditional vacuum cleaners. Powerful despite their compactness, these devices will allow you to effortlessly remove dirt, stains, and unpleasant odors from any textile: carpets, carpets, car interiors, upholstery…

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