Top 8 Advantages And Disadvantages of Using WooCommerce

Looking forward to launching an online store, but not sure from where to start? Then you indeed are at the right place. 

With having so many hosts being easily available, it’s superfine to feel quite spoilt for choice. At the same time, talking about the host as a free plugin. WordPress dubbed Woocommerece tends to take the top place in the list. 

For business owners hunting for resources to create a profound customized store. WooCommerce turns out to be the go-to place for them. 

Being renowned for its clean, straightforward, and tech-savvy shop system, The best WooCommerce developers have undoubtedly managed to create quite a fandom of their own. 

However, just like everything, there are numerous pros and cons of using WooCommerce. For someone like you, who is about to step his feet in the online shop market, it proves to be beneficial for you to be aware of everything about the platform prior to signing up for it. 

Having said that, we have narrowed down a guide to make you aware of the advantages and disadvantages a WooCommerce store comes in handy with. 


  • No limit to customization options.

What classifies to be the best part of WooCommerce is that it enables an individual to create a store specifically for the products he has to offer. 

This platform comes in handy with an infinite amount of free plugins of WordPress Plugin Directory. Paid Variations can easily be picked from WooCommerce.com or from CodeCanyon. 

Moreover, the number of themes WooCommerce has to offer is incredible too. For someone who has an eye for detail for an aesthetically appealing piece, then WooCommerce has surely got your taste covered. 

Even out of hundred of themes, if you don’t find the perfect one for yourself, then the option of customizing a custom theme is always on the table! 

  • Profound Flexibility 

One of the many reasons why WooCommerce is famous all over the globe as this platform can be used to sell anything! Regardless of the niche of the products, selling on WooCommerce can be done super flexibly.

Not only this, but WooCommerce also supports top-notch scalability, which enables businesses of all kinds and all sizes to set up their shops on the platform successfully. 

While being at WooCommerce, the last thing you have to worry about is about your business expanding the plugin’s capabilities. 

  • Maximum Security 

For every store owner online, the thing you would need the most is the secure getaways intact so that your customers’ credentials are never compromised. WooCommerce supports secure payment options like Paypal and Stripe. 

The best WooCommerce developers are always on the lookout to update this platform regularly. This process takes place to prevent the platform from Cyberattacks from unwanted guests.

Though the plugin doesn’t have any backup option to restore data in case of a successful attack.  However, you can always have your store’s backup information stored in encrypted form.  This will maintain customer confidentiality to remain safe.

  • Search Engine Optimization flexibility 

As stated above, WooCommerce has the back of WordPress. This is one of the most well-established platforms in the world. Not only this, it’s highly responsive to SEO guidelines provided by Google. 

By having this option in hand, optimizing your products’ SEO at WooCommerce is not a problem at all. WooCommerce provides store owners with an intuitive interface. The details of the product and information regarding SEO can be stored with ease. 

Hands down, the Search engine optimization flexibility of WooCommerce is everything that you need to run a successful online store! 


  • Come in handy with dozens of expenses. 

Downloading and installing WooCommerce itself is absolutely free.

However, there are specific extensions that demand users to pay for it so that your online store can operate at its optimum capacity. 

Paying for every other plugin over the platform makes this factor the biggest drawback of WooCommerce. By this, a business owner feels that this platform comes with hidden costs.

For example, if you need a secure payment getaway other than PayPal. You might need a safe subscription plugin that can prove to be costly. 

  • It’s based entirely on WordPress 

Apart from all the advantages, WooCommerce has to offer, let’s not forget that it’s still a plugin, after all. Hence, for the sites that WordPress doesn’t host, you can’t use this plugin over there.   

This makes it even hard for the existing sites. If only they want to use the plugin of WooCommerce, they might have to remake their entire website. 

  • Doesn’t feature legal texts 

Another drawback for WooCommerce is that it doesn’t feature any legal texts. You won’t find general terms like data protection declaration, revocation regulations, conditions, etc., that aren’t included in WooCommerce by default. 

Suppose you are someone who is starting your career with WooCommerce and doesn’t have any prior knowledge about the legal text. Then your experience with this platform won’t be a classy one! 

  • Focus only on the US market 

The entire focus of WooCommerce tends to be dedicated to the market of the United States. This, unfortunately, welcomes further problems with featuring requests or adapting to the legal situation from time to time. 

On the odds that the targetted audience of your product belongs to a country like Germany. For this, you would have to cater to multiple german subscriptions, which would turn out to be costly for you. 

The Remedy to eradicate this factor is present on the table by taking help of either paid plugins or by legal text providers. However, making all of these adjustments for a person who’s new to the platform might turn out as a daunting task. 

Final Word 

While going through this guide, we can assume that you may have witnessed that a WooCommerce store has a lot to offer. 

The substantial advantages, like its eco-friendly cost factor, in-growth ecosystem, and productive community, make this WooCommerce stand out from the hosts. 

Though it does have a dark side as well. However, as per the say of our experts, the advantages enlisted above do make up for every drawback.

Having said that, if you have ever dreamed of creating a professional shop of your own. Then now is your time to do it with WooCommerce! 


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