10 Viral YouTube Shorts Ideas

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube’s shorts are horizontal videos which are of 60 minutes or less. Sometimes, they are short clips of longer ones, but because they are made vertically and horizontally, this is not as common as it was in the past. Nowadays, most creators produce shorts separately. This is valid even if this means rotating their phones in the vertical direction for a few minutes to capture the footage.

Short videos can be created using your phone and uploaded directly to YouTube. It is also common to see people reuse TikTok videos into shorts for YouTube. Both options allow vertical videos. However, if you upload your video to TikTok first, the videos will have a TikTok watermark. Furthermore, you may be unable to make money from the video due to specific Google guidelines.

Are you looking for a way to make your video popular on YouTube? Using Trending YouTube Videos, you can find trending videos from different countries. The YouTube Trends tool will give you an idea of what’s trending on YouTube and some tips for making YouTube videos.

What Are the Reasons Should Companies Create YouTube Shorts?

Although it takes a bit of extra effort even though it requires more effort, making YouTube Shorts can be very useful for your brand. This is no surprise when you consider that shorts, in general, are extremely well-known. But that’s not why you should include shorts in your content marketing plan.

YouTube Shorts are an effective method to boost your viewers to your channel. Many viewers will be watching shorts simply because they’re bored. This is why they move from one short to the next. If you’ve ever swung through Shorts, you’ll notice that the topics can be wildly different and even follow your previous watch previous history. As people come across your shorts online, you will gain watch time and new customers.

Furthermore, YouTube is strategically pushing Shorts to rival TikTok. This implies that YouTube is investing significant money into this service. At the same time, a lot of brands are far behind in the field of publishing Shorts. This means your company can join the Shorts arena at a very low level.

What Topics are Best for YouTube Shorts?

Before we begin to explore YouTube Shorts concepts, Let’s discuss issues. YouTube is an expansive place with a lot of new content posted daily. This is why it is crucial to select the appropriate topics when you wish for your Shorts to become viral.

When it is to YouTube shorts, there are no magic formulas. So, you never know what may resonate with your viewers. Certainly, analytics like your top performances can aid. However, many things will alter when transitioning from long-form to short-form video.

Some topics and themes are more popular than others despite the term “experimentation” being the game’s name. They are usually centred around humor stories, travel reviews, pranks, travel memes, and similar subjects. The benefit of Shorts is they allow you to communicate your idea quickly, so you don’t have to waste your time. In addition, this also means that viewers can see the whole message before becoming bored.

10 Viral YouTube Shorts Ideas

With this in your mind, let’s take a look through some of the top YouTube Shorts ideas. A lot of creators have made use of these to gain fame for their videos. Although Shorts is an addition recently added to the YouTube choices, and we do not have many longer-term, viral Shorts, I’m sure this time will arrive.

Be aware that the most efficient content is usually rememberable, regardless of your choice. While YouTube Shorts methods are very different from making advertisements for television or online consumption, many basic principles of shortness and recall hold.

Let’s explore some amazing ideas that can help you.

1. Funny Shorts

Humor has a universal appeal. Making entertaining, short videos that bring smiles to viewers’ faces is an easy method to become viral. Some options for entertaining videos are funny videos, pranks, behind-the-scenes-bloopers, or funny skits.

Naturally, when you use hilarious video clips, you should be cautious about your brand’s voice and appropriateness. Certain companies employ humor with great impact throughout their advertising campaigns. For instance, the auto insurer Geico creates commercials with absurd humor. However, you will usually not find humor in the advertising of law firms.

Keep in your mind that humor can be extremely snarky or extremely subtle. There is room for laughter even in the B2B market.

2. Motivational Videos

Many different YouTube Shorts ideas must include a fun element. Videos that are short and motivational can assist you in keeping your motivation up when times become difficult. They can encourage people to emulate your example. It is possible to discuss how you overcame challenges or what you did to achieve success and anything else that may encourage your audience.

From a brand perspective From a branding standpoint, motivational videos are excellent when seeking to enhance the perception of your branding as well as hire brand new staff members. An excellent example of the latter was recently Amazon showing how employees use employee benefits to improve their careers.

3. Educational Videos

If you’re skilled at something you excel at, there’s no reason why you should not share your knowledge all over the globe. Ultimately, everyone loves to discover new things, and regardless of whether your knowledge is innovative or serious, they’d like to know about it.

If you have some tricks and tricks in your sleeves, give them away in videos! It could be as easy as teaching someone how to do something they’ve never attempted previously, or it could be more complicated, such as showing someone how to create the latest product.

It’s a great YouTube Shorts ideas example that isn’t restricted to people of all ages. Numerous brands profit from making tutorials or working with influencers to create these videos. They can increase sales dramatically as people discover different uses for the product. If you want something popular, consider something unique or intriguing that catches people’s attention.

4. Product Reviews

If you are a fan of a certain company, why not put together review videos to highlight its advantages? It doesn’t have to be lengthy; perhaps just the time of a few minutes will suffice. Many consumers, especially B2B buyers, will read these reviews to determine their wants. As a company product reviewer, these reviews are important to conduct internal research because you can determine what customers think about your product.

In this scenario, you’ll donate to the video or provide the influencers with an affiliate link that is rewarded for their accomplishments.

Because of the brief format, review articles in this situation aren’t able to have many points. Pick two or three good elements about the product and then mention these. It could also be an excellent chance to distinguish your brand from the competition.

5. Niche Relevant Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Teaching viewers how to make something is another excellent idea. You may be skilled at baking cupcakes but do not know how to bake bread. You may be a professional photographer but have trouble taking photos outdoors during summer. If that’s the case, creating an instructional video is an excellent method to help others learn. If you can do a great task, you stand a good likelihood that your tutorial can become a viral hit.

If you’re an established brand, these suggestions and tricks do not always have to connect with your products directly. They may be relevant to your market without any direct placement. For example, seasonal activity suggestions might not refer to the brand name but may include suggestions. An instance of the latter is family holiday ideas provided by the car manufacturer. Many people go on vacation in their vehicles, however, the car isn’t always important for the purpose.

What makes this work effectively in branding? Some people prefer to receive something significant from a company without any sales pitches. If you’re not doing anything else, they’ll appreciate the things you have to convey.

6. How-To Videos

A saying says a picture is worth more than a thousand words. A dynamic picture such as YouTube Shorts is worth much more. A short video can provide more details in 60 minutes or less than the content of a blog post. For that matter, an ad in print or banner advertisement. Additionally, a short instructional video will go viral online.

There are numerous ways to make videos. You can film yourself speaking through your steps and ask someone else to video you while showing the procedure. Whatever way you choose, this kind of video is ideal if you attempt to communicate a complex idea to a person.

7. Creative Short Films

It is possible that you may already have several hundred imaginative ideas lying around. What better way to turn them into short movies? Various tools available online can assist you in editing your short film together. When you have one you want to upload, upload it to YouTube and watch what happens. Most often, YouTube videos become viral simply because they are inventive.

Consider this, too — a brief preview is one of the most efficient ways to promote an upcoming TV show or movie. You can use this idea by giving people a glimpse of what is coming. The best part of this concept is that you can accomplish whatever your personal branding or that of your company allows without getting too serious.

8. Unboxing Videos

The video is among the most well-known YouTube Shorts ideas with influencers with a suitable niche. Unboxing videos are an entertaining method of getting people enthusiastic about a brand. They’re also a great marketing tool since they let prospective buyers see what they will receive

This method can be popular because unboxing creates an element of anticipation. We all know what it’s like to receive a package that contains things we’ve purchased. However, let’s face it: the season of birthdays or gift-giving is also a source of excitement as we generally aren’t sure exactly what’s in this package. Switching from excitement to excitement and surprise is not difficult, particularly with influencers who receive free items.

9. Behind the Scenes Shorts

Making a behind-the-scenes film lets you showcase your company or service’s enjoyable, unnoticed aspects. If you’re filming a cooking demonstration, recording a band playing live, or filming weddings, they will spark a lot of fascination.

The reality is that companies can appear to be solitary entities for many consumers. However, the truth is that many employees work there and have experience. Also, you should know that a behind-the-scenes video is a perfect opportunity to highlight when your business is actively committed to community service dedication or is involved in social issues.

Are you looking to apply this method for maximum effect? Try using a dash of humor. If, for instance, people observe your employees enjoying themselves, it’ll create a positive image of the way you take care of your employees. Given the current climate, this argument can give you an advantage over your competitors.

10. Brand Story

The art of telling your personal brand’s stories in the form of short content can be difficult. But if you’re gifted at telling stories, why not try it? One way to accomplish this could be to present one of your company’s core values. This can be particularly successful in the event that your fundamental values and your brand’s story are aligned in one way. For example, numerous brands are catering to certain groups, such as vegans and people who are against the testing of animals in cosmetics.

In other instances, your organization’s brand story may be crucial to its work. This is the case for many non-profit agencies like. Particularly in this situation, one of the best YouTube Shorts suggestions is to use your brand’s story to link into different Shorts on various elements of your work. Not only can certain of these Shorts be popular, but even if it doesn’t happen, you’ll still have a number of sharing content you can offer to your followers.

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