Your personal loan eligibility will depend on these 5 factors

Personal loans are obsolete in the period that we live in. Easy personal loans are available right now. You can get these loans by submitting an online application using a website or personal loan app. The quickest approach to getting money for emergencies is to apply for an urgent personal loan online. However, you must meet the lender’s eligibility requirements in order to promptly obtain a personal loan online. Your online loan application may be denied if you don’t meet the required eligibility requirements.

The 5 criteria listed below determine your eligibility for quick personal loans available online:


Your credit score has a significant impact on whether you qualify for the loan and, if so, what interest rate you will pay. Your financial history, including your borrowing and repayment patterns, is displayed by your credit score, often known as your CIBIL score. You may easily and effectively apply for a personal loan online if your credit score is high enough.

A credit score of 750 or more is typically regarded as outstanding. Your prospects of obtaining a loan are poor if your credit score is lower than that. In some circumstances, you might be able to get a loan with a credit score under 750, but the interest rate is high.

You need a minimum credit score of 750 in order to apply for simple personal loans online. A high credit score suggests that you have a history of taking out numerous secured and unsecured loans and making on-time, consistent payments.

When you have a high credit score, you stand out above other loan applicants as a creditworthy borrower. If the loan is disbursed, it is anticipated that you would make timely payments on the immediate personal loan you obtained online.

Your Income

Another crucial aspect influencing your loan eligibility is your income. The explanation is straightforward: Your chances of prompt repayment increase as your income does. If you are a salaried individual, your annual salary must be at least 3,00,000 or so. The minimum yearly revenue needed for someone who works for himself is greater than three lakhs.

You must pay back your loan in monthly EMIs as soon as you accept the loan. Therefore, it makes sense that when you make a good living, even after paying the EMI, you would still have money left over for basics like housing rent, food, clothing, bills, and transportation.

One rule is that your total monthly EMIs from all loans combined (FOIR) cannot exceed 35% of your monthly income. You would have enough money remaining in this case to pay for other necessities in life. Even if you have a large income, your monthly EMI requirement shouldn’t be more than 60% of your take-home pay.

In conclusion, your Fixed Obligations to Income Ratio (FOIR) must be lower regardless of your wage range. Find a new source of income or reduce your current EMIs to minimize your FOIR. Your chances of being approved for your rapid online loan application will rise if you lower your FOIR.

Your Employer

The optimum party to evaluate your credibility is the employer with whom you are now employed. You have an edge when applying for a loan if you work for companies with significant turnover.

Salary-paying MNC employees are thought to have a safe and steady future with their company. Employees in small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and proprietorships are not perceived to have a safe future because there is a possibility that they could close their doors at any time, endangering the financial future of their staff.

An employee of an MNC is typically preferred by lenders above an employee of other small businesses. In addition, top-tier employees receive extra incentives including low interest rates on whatever loans they accept.

Job stability

Another important aspect deciding your eligibility for a fast personal loan is your employment stability. In general, you need to have at least two years of full-time job experience in your present profession to qualify for an easy personal loan. This is for a paid employee. If you work for yourself, you must provide proof of at least five years of revenue.

Stable employment enables the lender to assess your qualification. Your lender considers your loan application based on your consistent and reliable career. Before approving you for a loan, your lender evaluates your financial situation and ability to repay. Therefore, it is demonstrated that you are steady enough for the loan by your long-standing stability in your field or work.

As an alternative, a lender will not trust a borrower with employment gaps and frequent job changes because their income is neither guaranteed nor consistent. Determining whether the applicant would be consistent with her repayments in such a circumstance is difficult for the lender.


Your chances of securing a loan are better the younger you are. Financial institutions like banks typically believe that a young man is more able to repay a debt.


Therefore, these important elements determine whether you are eligible to receive a loan. Before submitting a simple online personal loan application, you must assess your situation in light of this knowledge.

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