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Why studying history is important?

We live in a world where our existence is everything and due to the great work of our forefathers, it is well preserved. We can build our own future but it is always based on the strong past. In a layman’s language this past is known as history. History is about everything that we have now. How humans have evolved, how the world has evolved, and how the various human-made assets have evolved. Everything is dealt with in history. For students, it is important to know the country’s history. Students in Class 10 History studies in detail about Indian historical development.

The subject history is mostly not very much interesting for students. They often feel bored while studying it.  Though it is very informative and important students find it difficult to complete the syllabus and the history courses. To solve this issue online tuition for class 10 are available so that students can take help in understanding the various topic of history interestingly.

Class 10 History syllabus

Let us first know what are the topics cover in the History subject in class 10th

Part 1 of class 10 history

In the syllabus of class 10th history topic like early urban centers, Harappa civilization, Archeological report etc are included along with Maurya, Gupta and Ashoka period of rules and economic and political development during this period, topics of caste and kinship with the help of Mahabharata have also been included. The syllabus also included different schools of religious beliefs such as Hinduism, Jainism, Vaishnavism and Shaivism.  History class 10 online classes covers all these aspects for students in a detailed manner.

Part 2 of class 10 history

It includes perception of society from the travelers eyes  from tenth to seventeenth century. Also the advent of bhakti and sufi traditions, ideas of bhakti and sufi traditions, literary works during this period. It also covers the history of Vijayanagara from 14th to 16th century about its architectural development etc. later from 16th to 17th century the advent of mughals and zamindari system is also included in the syllabus. Students in class 10 prefe online classes for class 10 History to get clear understanding of it.

Part 3 of the class 10 history

The syllabus deals with colonialism and about rural society in India, life of santhals and parihars, 1857 revolution and its effect, it also covers about the disobedient movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and also about the nationalist movement. The last unit discusses about the beginning of a new era and framing and development of our Indian constitution. Online History tutor for class 10 makes sure that students find it very interesting to study all the above mentioned topics while grasping it such a way to secure a good marks for their board examinations.

The class 10 history syllabus provides a sneak peak to the entire history of modern India to our students. Starting from Harappa civilization to development of our constitution very briefly it covers all the topic to make a wise introduction to Indian history for the students.

Online tuition classes provides the benefit of learning at own pace for the students so that they do not feel burdened and enjoy their learning as well.

Benefits of Online tuition classes

  • Self paced learning
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Recorded lectures
  • Easy examples
  • Well written notes
  • Subject experts.
  • Doubt solving sessions
  • Well trained teachers.

These are the benefits that students can avail by taking online classes for class 10 History and they can shine in their board examinations. SSSI provides best of these online tuition services for other subjects as well which benefits students across the country.

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