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In recent times, certain medications have gain popularity due to the benefits they can bring to those who do not get enough sleep for various reasons. Known as ‘ADHD medicine’ too at times, drugs like Modalert have become a staple for students or anyone who has an active nightlife. Other than a lack of sleep at night, this medicine is also use by people who need to be alert during their day jobs but are unable to do so. Mostly, it is students who make frequent use of the study drugs.

Sleep disorders, difficulty breathing at night, or conditions of excessive sleepiness can be dealt with by using such medications. People who suffer from shift work disorder or simply have long night shifts also use medicines such as these to improve their work performance and keep the tiredness at bay. Rotational work shifts especially at night can be extremely tedious and may even cause problems if all the employees are sleepy and not alert. Students also facing similar issues tend to revert to the use of these study drugs to resolve these problems.

Can medicines fix a sleeping routine?

It is important to remember that regardless of how much of the medicine is consume by a student, nothing can replace the energy boost gained by a good night’s sleep. The medications that are being used extensively by students cannot cure a bad sleeping schedule. It cannot create energy where there is none, nor can it make a person who hasn’t slept at all suddenly work faster. Similarly, a student who uses medications to be able to study must not underestimate the necessity of having proper hours dedicated to sleep.

Modalert 200 has stimulating properties and thus helps keep a person awake. The neurotransmitters in the brain are affected, resulting in more alertness. However, it cannot prevent the human body from needing its require amount of rest.

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Does the drug work?

The specific method by which these drugs operate is not known. The success rate amongst students and night shift workers has led to research into how they affect dopamine receptors. It is likely that eugeroics such as Modalert and other such drugs operate by blocking dopamine receptors. This increases the amount of dopamine that is in the system.

Essentially, Modalert 200 increases the flow of dopamine that helps in keeping a person awake. This is a safe and easy method of ensuring alertness and wakefulness and can be use whenever necessary. As they are readily available too, students tend to have easy access to such drugs.

What does the drug contain?

Narcolepsy is a disorder that makes people fall asleep at random times, often making it difficult to lead a normal life. Modafinil, which is present in Modvigil 200, is a drug that can possibly treat narcolepsy. People suffering from narcolepsy have trouble concentrating at work, and cannot sleep during regular hours. Every disorder that Modvigil treats must also be pair with other treatment plans for it to truly work.

Students tend to have part-time jobs or overload schedules which can result in late-night study sessions. Those who study during the night need to be able to concentrate while doing so and also be alert and awake for classes the next day. For this purpose too, modafinil can be quite useful.

How does it affect students?

Reports have been conflicting regarding how the symptoms of withdrawal are. Most surveys note the effects of the drug on students using it to perform better academically. Results have shown increase awareness and focus. However, certain side effects have also been note. Primarily, people have complained of nausea, periods of depression, and headache. Some have also complain about the difficulty in going to sleep at night.

However, despite these claims, the consumption of the drug continues and students continue to be appreciative of its benefits. For obvious reasons, the use of these medications is more common during exam seasons when the need for alert study sessions becomes more essential. After all, which student has not at least pulled one all-nighter before an exam day?

Apart from the stimulating abilities, there are certain additional effects that have been note. Sweating may be accompanied by heart palpitations, along with possible dehydration and stomach problems (indigestion). Using the product too frequently may also lead to inflammation or allergies, or even diarrhea. It has been notice that the lower the dose is, the less evidence there is of any side effects.

What is the dosage for students?

For those intending to pull off all-nighters, the recommend dosage tends to be around 150-250 mg of Modalert tablets. For teenagers who only need to concentrate for a short period of time, the dosage is much lower. The average dosage is one tablet each day depending on the level of fatigue.


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