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Which fitted sheet for my articulated bed?

Choosing a fitted sheet for an articulated bed is difficult, especially when you need to learn more about it. There are different materials, different sizes, and different types of fitted sheets. Do not panic. Discover some practical information so that your choice is easier to make. Following our previous article recalling what an articulated bed is, today we are looking at choosing a fitted sheet suitable for this type of bed.

Finding the right fitted sheet for my articulated bed

What is a fitted sheet?

A fitted sheet is a fabric cover, plain or patterned, which envelops the mattress and protects it. Putting on a fitted sheet completes the set of your bed. It allows you to dress your mattress and take care of the decoration of your room. However, although it provides a slight defence, the fitted sheet is insufficient for optimal mattress protection. We advise you to use it systematically as a mattress pad under your fitted sheet.

Just as there are several types of box spring beds, several types of fitted sheets are suitable for them.

Choose an articulated fitted sheet.

The hinged or relaxation fitted sheet consists of two covers joined together to form a single H-shaped item. As the junction between the two covers is made at the level of the “H bar”, the head and foot parts of the 2 covers can evolve independently. Therefore, a single articulated fitted sheet covers your two mattresses; there is no need to put 2 in the basket. The particularity of these H – shaped fitted sheets lies in their autonomy and the unity they offer to your bed linen. A cover can be in action without the other moving for an identical result on the 2 mattresses.

 In terms of dimensions, it’s elementary:

If your box spring is 140×190 cm, you will need a fitted sheet 2x70x190

If your box spring is 160×200 cm, you will need a fitted sheet 2x80x200

If your box spring is 180×200 cm, you will need a fitted sheet 2x90x200

Fitted sheets for H-shaped articulated beds are ideal for holders of articulated beds with adjustable heads and feet, which is why Linge des Familles has made them available in several sizes and materials.

Choose 2 separate fitted sheets.

Depending on each sleeper’s preference, you can also cover your hinged mattresses with two fitted sheets. In this case, it will be necessary to buy 2 covers; each of them must measure the size of the mattress it will wrap.

Thus, if you have an articulated bed with 2 mattresses of 80×200 cm, you will have to buy 2 fitted sheets of 80×200 cm each.

 Choosing 2 separate fitted sheets for your articulated bed has a few advantages:

Possibility for sleepers to have different materials or colours of covers, Easier to put on than the H-shaped fitted sheet.

Check the height of hinged mattresses.

The mattresses that make up articulated bedding are generally thicker than conventional mattresses. When you choose a fitted sheet, we, therefore, recommend that you pay attention to the height of your mattresses because the cap of the fitted sheet must be a size adapted to this height. For a mattress about 25 to 28 cm thick, opting for an articulated fitted sheet with a 30 cm cap is wiser. So it wraps your mattress well and it does not undergo the pressure of the elastics of the fitted sheet. This also prevents it from unravelling during the night or the movements of the motorized bed base.

What materials should I choose for my articulated bed fitted sheet?

Cotton percale

It is a very tightly woven fabric (80 threads/cm²), from long-fibre cotton, with properties superior to conventional cotton.

This quality of weaving gives it good resistance to wear and ideal sleeping comfort. Its resistance makes it a popular asset for articulated bedsheets because they undergo a lot of movement and friction daily. Finally, the percale offers a relatively cool touch, therefore more suitable for summer. Percale weaving, widely recognized for its quality, has a slightly satiny appearance.

A stretchy material

The extensibility of a fitted sheet can be linked to 2 distinct factors, which can sometimes be combined: its weaving or the materials used. Thus, a jersey is a fabric that has a natural elasticity thanks to its knitted stitches. When it is made of cotton, it gives the fitted sheet a soft and fluffy feel. For more excellent elasticity, cotton can be combined with a bit of elastane; it is a very stretchy synthetic fibre that is also found in tights, for example. This stretchy material fits your mattress perfectly without altering its properties and returns to its original shape even after extensive stretching. The stretch-hinged fitted sheet adapts well to the movements of the mattress and box spring without creating wrinkles.

Thanks to its elasticity, the 2x80x200 stretch fitted sheet also adapts to the dimensions of articulated beds: 2x70x190 cm and 2x90x200 cm. Moreover, it does not yawn on the most undersized mattresses and does not compress the large mattresses.

Cotton flannel

In winter, nothing is more unpleasant than a bed with cold sheets. To remedy this, consider swapping your classic fitted sheet for a flannel fitted sheet. This fabric, brushed on both sides, and made of 100% cotton, gives you a feeling of warmth.

Softer than percale or cotton jersey,  the flannel articulated bed sheet ensures warm and cocooning nights. Discover it quickly on the online store.

How to maintain your articulated bed fitted sheet?

Your fitted sheet for the articulated bed can be machine-washed. Maintenance precautions depend mainly on the material of the latter. When it does not contain synthetic materials, it can generally be washed at a higher temperature and is less afraid of the dryer. If you have doubts, always refer to the care label inside.

For better sleep hygiene, we recommend washing your fitted sheet regularly, up to once a month. It eliminates stains and perspiration absorbed during the night and undesirables that can quickly increase in your bed linen if you do not take care of it.

A fitted sheet for an articulated bed must meet several criteria to be optimal. As we have seen, make sure you have the shape and dimensions of your articulated bed before making your choice. And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service to be accompanied during your purchase.

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