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What to Know If You’re Considering Liposuction Treatment or Fat Reduction

Having a beautiful and in-shape body is everyone’s dream and wish. But excess body fat makes your body out of shape. Focusing on improving your diet and exercising are great ways to get rid of body fat. You’ve lost weight using the best diet and exercise routine. But when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat — you’re still not seeing the results you want. when traditional fat reduction methods fail liposuction treatment comes to rescue the patient.

What is Liposuction?

Lipo derives from lipolysis, which means fats or fats released or broken down.

Liposuction treatment is a surgical procedure that uses gentle suction to help end unwanted body fat cells.

Liposuction treatment is a procedure that provides a natural, non-invasive way to achieve the results you have always wanted. Not only can it help you get rid of unwanted fat and unwanted bulges, but it can also reverse the signs of aging. It is great for anyone looking to reshape the contours of their body and face.

Types of Liposuction

How does liposuction treatment work?

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure. It removes fat cells from specific areas of your body. 

The surgery aims to improve your body shape. The art of liposuction is as much about technique and technology as it is about the procedure itself. A surgeon with a high level of expertise in aesthetics will carry out this process.

Traditional liposuction involves the mechanical disruption of fat cells using a high-powered vacuum. The surgeon will shear and extract the fat cells with the aid of a high-power vacuum. But, this method was very time-consuming, costly, and with potential risks to patient health. As a result, it often led to significant complications. 

Advanced liposuction Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo, are non-invasive. They liquefy the fat and then remove it through cannulae (think the reverse of an IV drip). This process creates much smoother results than traditional liposuction, which does not remove all the body fat. It also allows for less bruising and swelling, making your experience much less painful than traditional liposuction.

Side Effects of Liposuction: 

The most common side effects of liposuction treatment are:

  • Fluid accumulation.
  • Numbness. 
  • Infection. 
  • Internal puncture.
  • Fat embolism. 
  • Kidney and heart problems.
  • Lidocaine toxicity.

Liposuction can help you lose weight

The reality is that most patients only lose about two to five pounds in total. The best candidates, in fact, are generally within 30 percent of a healthy weight range and have localized fat pockets they would like to reduce

Which type of Liposuction treatment is Best for me?

Only an expert Liposuction surgeon can decide the best suitable Liposuction technique for you. It is because every method has specific candidacy criteria, pros, and cons.

Therefore, consult with our surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic before undergoing Liposuction. They will choose a technique depending on the size and number of body areas to be treated, the amount of fat being removed, skin elasticity, and lifestyle factors.

The most accurate and traditional form of liposuction is called Smart Lipo. One of the key benefits of Smart Lipo is; that people can expect a tight and flawless finish from sculpting in any area of their body, even on the face. It also offers the quickest recovery period out of all liposuction procedures.


If you searching for liposuction surgery in Dubai. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is the best option for you if you want to undergo Liposuction treatment. Being the pioneer of cosmetic surgery services in the Middle East region, we have earned the status of the best Liposuction clinic in UAE. Our expert plastic surgeons consist of some big names that possess extensive experience and have worked internationally. They are determined to provide the best results and assist you in achieving a sculpted body. We offer state-of-the-art facilities to our patients and emphasize patient safety.

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