What is PCD Franchise and why should one understand it before getting into the pharma franchising business?

Pharma franchising business

PCD Franchising is said to be the most famous and growing business across the whole of India. It looks like a business option that people are opting for because they are finding a lot of arising opportunities in the same. So, before we go into understanding what is the whole process of PCD pharma franchising, let us understand what is meant by this. 

PCD franchise is a sort of permission or a grant that a pharmaceutical company holds. This grant is transferred or given to a pharma franchising company by the pharmaceutical company. Once the grant is offered to the pharma franchising company, they start selling and promoting the drugs and medications of the pharmaceutical company. 

Every commercial activity of the pharmaceutical company is handled by the pharma franchising organization. The profits are further shared by both parties equally. 

In the following article, you will understand how pharma franchising as a business works and what are all the important points that one needs to get into consideration while running the business. 

How to get a PCD franchise from a pharmaceutical company?

You will find various steps on the internet for getting a PCD franchise from a pharmaceutical company. But, there are a few basic ones that you will find in all of them. Since each company creates its own set of rules and regulations for distributing the franchise, here are a few points for your reference. 

  • since the market is filled with top-notch pharmaceutical companies, you need to select a few of them 
  • Call and send an email to the company regarding the PCD franchise and your interest in the same. 
  • You will soon get the response and understand the requirements of the company. 
  • If you fit the requirements, go ahead and start working by signing the necessary documents. 

As we said before, the steps here are general and basic. These would sail your boat and understand the field of pharma franchising. It is always better to call the company and ask for the steps and rules that they follow. 

In case you are looking for starting your pharma franchising in Bihar, this is the right time to invest your money into this business as it is booming with each passing day. 

What documents do you need to get the PCD franchise? 

Pharma franchising as a business does not require a lot of documents and paperwork. If a company is granting you the franchise, you need to show two major documents: 

  • Drug license number 
  • GST number and registration 

Some companies might ask for some more documents, but these two are the most important and necessary documents that you require. 

How are franchises given out by pharmaceutical companies? 

Surprisingly, the pharma franchise is not as complicated a business as it seems. A person who owns a pharma franchising company should be able to understand the tactics of the market. Rest every detail of the business is easy to understand. 

So, here is the process in easy words for new entrepreneurs to understand: 

  • A legal grant called PCD franchise is with the pharmaceutical companies. 
  • to make their work easy, they appoint pharma franchising companies to sell their drugs and medications
  • when they appoint the right pharma franchising company, they transfer this legal grand or PCD franchise to them. 
  • Once this franchise is given out, the pharma franchising company is responsible for handling the sales of the drugs and medications. 
  • and later, the profits that are earned by the pharma franchising company are distributed according to the deal signed. 

These steps can make it easier for the new entrepreneurs to understand the process of pharma franchising easily and get a gist of the business. Once you enter the business, you will understand all the small details and technicalities to grow your business. 

In today’s age, India has seen major growth in the business of pharma franchising. You can set up your pharma franchising company in Andhra Pradesh to earn profits and brand name. 

Two major points one needs to remember 

Understanding the business is easy. But when you set up your business with the help of big pharmaceutical brands, you need to keep a few points in mind to run your business well.

Here are two points that you need beforehand understand and remember:

  • Research is the key. When you start your business with a pharmaceutical company, you need to rest assured about the company you are working with. You will not just invest your money but risk your whole business. Therefore, join a trustworthy pharmaceutical company. This would not only help you in building your brand but help you to reach out to a large audience with their support. 
  • Quality check is another major part. Before you start the business, state that the drugs and medications sent by the company should be in good condition. Any problems with the medication could result in a cancellation of your drug license and would backfire on your business. Therefore, be of utmost care with the quality of the products sent to you. 


If you are planning to invest your money into this, know that you will earn a lot of money through this business.

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