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What Is Non-Biodegradeable Waste?

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Non-biodegradable waste is the waste that remains on the earth for a very long time, is not easily found in nature, and harms nature. No matter how we dispose of non-biodegradable waste, it has a bad effect on the environment

What Is Non-Biodegradeable Waste?

Waste is called that thing which we cannot use anymore and which is no longer of our use. All the work that man is doing today also produces waste. According to UNICEF, there are 2 types of solid waste:

Non-biodegradable waste and Biodegradable waste

The waste which does not harm the environment at all and gets destroyed very easily in nature is called biodegradable waste. Such as – peels of vegetables and fruits, paper waste, paper waste, animal waste, animal waste, agricultural waste, agricultural waste, etc. On the other hand, non-biodegradable waste is different from biodegradable waste. You can say that it is hazardous waste, which threatens the earth. Such as plastic, metal-metal, batteries, carbon paper, medical waste, tetra pax, glass, etc.

Non-biodegradable waste is the waste that remains on the earth for a long time, is not easily found in nature, and harms nature. Actually, all the micro-organisms that are there in nature, are not able to break these wastes into smaller substances, so they remain as they are for a long time. After that, this waste mixes with the air, soil, and water and harms the animals.

Non-biodegradable waste is an unseparated part of our daily life:-
  • Cutting open the milk packet is the first thing we do in the morning.
  • We discard the plastic pouch after pouring the milk into the heating saucepan.
  • For cooking, we peel the vegetables and discard the peels.
  • We get things delivered to our homes from online or offline businesses, and we toss the packing in the garbage.
  • These are just a few instances of household garbage.
  • Similarly, there are industrial wastes that make up a higher portion of the total.
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Every day, we generate twice as much waste as we consume.

Rubbish materials are increasing all over the world, and billions of tonnes of waste are produced each year.

These wastes are generated throughout the day as a result of home, commercial, and industrial operations.

Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere via incinerators and landfills.

Non-biodegradable waste is also divided into 2 parts.

Recyclable Waste: Waste that can be recycled.


Non-recyclable waste 

Non-biodegradable waste that cannot be recycled.

In fact, non-biodegradable waste that can be recycled has an economic value, but people still throw it away when used. This waste can be recycled and reused. For example, plastic, paper, etc. On the other hand, the waste which has no utility value is not recycled. Such as tetra packs, medical waste, carbon paper, etc. This waste keeps accumulating on the earth and air, water, and soil pollution cause soil pollution. Not only this, but many non-biodegradable wastes also get into the air, water, and land in the form of microplastics, microplastics, and gases and enter the body of animals and harm them. This is the reason that today people get serious diseases at an early age.


This problem can be minimized if you dispose of these products wisely. It is wise to use them sparingly so that minimum non-biodegradable waste is produced. Non-biodegradable waste is not eco-friendly at all, so use a product that is eco-friendly and can be recycled. There are billions of tons of waste produced around the world. Waste is produced by things like houses, industries, agriculture, etc. That’s why it is not only the responsibility of the government but all of us to reduce the use of such things which cause any kind of danger to the environment.


Waste management system for Non-Biodegradable Waste.

  1. Recycle

Non-biodegradable waste that is recyclable is sent to be recycled. After being recycled, the same waste is converted into a useful material, which we use again. Actually, many substances are added to make polymers better, so now the process of recycling has become more difficult than before.


  1. Burning of waste

Non-biodegradable waste that is not recyclable is burned. Due to the burning of these wastes, many dangerous gasses get into the air and contaminate it.


No matter how we dispose of non-biodegradable waste, it has a bad effect on the environment, so as responsible people, it is the duty of all of us to use at least non-biodegradable items.


There are three ways to reduce non-biodegradable waste-

Reduce Reduce

Reuse Reuse

Recycle Recycle

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