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What is featured snippet?

A featured snippet is ‘rich result’ on top of Google SERP that stands out separately from the rest of results, which answers a user’s question directly.

The featured snippet is located at the top SERPs, above the organic results. It contains a concise answer for the question, the site URL from where the information was pulled, as well as an image (often taken from a different website). These featured snippets are referred to as “position one” (previously called “position zero”). Query “frequency capping one of the Google’s most brilliant practices” returns the following:

  • Here’s a little information taken from the top 10 results
  • An image
  • Users who wish to learn more can click the link to the URL

Types of featured excerpts

There are many types, but the most common ones appear in SERPs.

  • The Definition Box: A short excerpt of text that answers a question or provides a brief description.You could search for “snippets” to find an example.
  • The Table: This snippet can often be seen appearing in travel-related results. Users can compare flight times and car rental prices.
  • The Numbered list: These are snippets that show items arranged in priority order, such as a recipe to make apple pie.
  • The Bullet List: This list is similar to an ordered or numbered list but the items are not prioritized. List of “Top 10 best Tips of digital Marketing strategies” is one example.

There are many reasons to rank for number one

Why are Google’s featured Snippets so important? They are a powerful space to be in.

Featured snippets can be used to showcase your search results. These snippets display the most important information on your page at the top of the page, grabbing users’ attention before they even consider scrolling down to other sites. A well-written featured shortcode can increase click-through rates and possibly boost conversions.

Ahrefs’ featured snippets research shows that 8.6% of clicks go to the featuredsnippet. Ranking for position 1 will allow you to’steal’ clicks from the #1 organic ranking result.

Featured snippets are designed to give users an immediate answer and encourage them to click through to the source to learn more.

You can check to see if your keyword is already ranked. This keyword’s featured snippet can increase click-through rates and CTRs. A featured snippet that ranks as the top result can help increase your authority in your field.

Way to rank for voice search using featured snippets

Voice search is becoming more popular. Half of the world’s population will use voice search every day by 2020.

Google responds to voice queries by using featured snippets results. It believes that there is only one true answer and therefore uses them to answer voice queries. Google searches are typically shorter than standard searches.

Voice searches can be spoken in complete sentences, also known as a long-tail question.

Some best practices to improve your chances of being featured in snippets.

You have a better chance of being featured snippet if your website is about finance, health, or DIY, & for queries containing the following words

  • Recipe
  • Best
  • Versus / vs.
  • Make
  • Definition

Use a keyword planner

Relevant, natural long-tail queries is essential in SEO. Long-tail queries and questions are more likely to generate featured snippets.

Keyword research tools can be used to brainstorm and compile a list of targeted keywords that searchers might use. Google’s keyword planner is free and can help you find the keywords that are most relevant to your search queries.

Answer user’s questions directly

After you have strategised your keywords you can start writing the answers to searchers questions. Google loves depth and direct responses.

Make sure you answer the questions “People also ask …”” and “Searches that are related to …””.

It is a good idea to keep the word count under 50 words, since the average description snippet is between 40-50 words. Headers can be used to break down steps and lists.

Optimising your title tags

Your site’s title tags should describe the content of your site accurately.

Ensure your title tags contain keywords relevant to your content, to avoid important information being lost in search results.  They should be between 50-60 characters long. To see the appearance of your title on a SERP, you can use free tools such as Portent Title Checker.

Do we need to increase the length of our content’s content?

Google doesn’t like to be short and sweet. Google actually rewards users who have content between 1,500-2,000 words. You can stay ahead of the rest by writing 2000 words or more.

Use relevant visuals to support the content, such as stock images, embedded videos, infographics, and screenshots. These visuals not only draw attention but also keep readers on the page for longer periods of time, which boosts SEO.

Last tips

Google’s search engine algorithm changes and improves every year. Today, a featured snippet is a way to get the highest ranking spot without advertising. You will be the most popular search query result by achieving position 1.

To see which keywords in your niche trigger featured snippets, check the search results. Find out from your closest competitors who have claimed the top spot. Google considers featured snippets those that provide a concise and clear answer to the user. To get to number 1, it is important to tag and organize your content.

You should provide a clear, concise, and easy-to-read response to any searcher’s query. Google will reward you for your efforts, and you can increase customer acquisition and retention.

If you need to learn more about optimizing your site for featured snippets, contact the SEO expert team such SEO Auckland, they will definitely helps in optimizing your site for featured snippets.

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