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What does a pain consultant do for you?  

Pain consultants at work


Pain consultants have advanced training and specialization in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating pain. They undergo one additional year of fellowship in management and a board certificate in a specialty like cancer pain or sports injury. He works with patients to specify treating pain to reduce, relieve and manage the pain improving life quality. Medication, injections, or therapy recommend. If you are searching for  nj pain consultants, Complete Medical Wellness has a team of pain specialists.  

Pain management healthcare providers see patients with lower back, knee, head, neck, and hip pain. These physicians treat common conditions: arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and more.  

Do you experience chronic pain?  

A survey showed that around 50.2 million US adults suffer chronic pain. Along with the inconvenience, pain affects your ability to perform routine tasks. If you feel aches, spasms, or soreness and ignore them, you may face severe injury in the long run.  

Consult a pain management specialist if you want to avoid suffering from pain. They will provide proper diagnosis and treatment to help the patient recover from pain.  

A pain consultant  

When you receive pain treatment, different healthcare professionals can help you. However, care providers specialized in pain management are called pain consultants. These care providers are concerned about your life quality and ability to perform different tasks.   

A pain consultant creates a treatment plan to reduce pain relief, relief and manage pain. They may recommend medications, injections, therapy, or a combination of all the approaches. They diagnose the root cause of your condition through taking history, imaging tests or drug tests. Sometimes more than one healthcare provider ensures pain management.  

Pain treatment   

While dealing with pain management, pain consultants manage pain from acute to chronic. They can treat conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, or related diseases. The treatment approaches may differ.   

  1. Pain medications  

The first treatment of acute pain is pain medications. Depending on the severity of the conditions, a pain consultant recommends over-the-counter pain or prescription medications. Pain medications include muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, and anti-inflammatory medications.   

Your healthcare provider prescribes an antibiotic for treating infections. If you are experiencing spasms, your healthcare provider will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling. However, your physician must inform you regarding the side effects of NSAIDs.  

It is noticeable that medications like opioids cause addiction. You must not use medications on your own; always use the medicine after the consultation with your healthcare provider.  


Depending on the condition, your healthcare providers may recommend injections to provide relief immediately. Healthcare providers will ask for the injections if the medications don’t work. They can use different pain injections, including Botox, epidural, facet, or nerve block injections, to relieve pain.   

For example, a pain consultant uses Botox to provide you with relief from chronic pain.   

Radiofrequency ablation  

If medications and injections do not work, the healthcare provider recommends radiofrequency ablation to manage severe pain. Medical specialists develop less invasive relief methods through improved technology.  

In RFA, your care providers put a microelectrode into the affected area to stimulate the nerve and stop it from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Care providers use RFA for chronic neck and lower back pain and pain caused by arthritis.  

According to research, around 70% of patients getting RFA treatment experience long-lasting pain relief. However, pain relief depends on the reason and location of the pain area.  

ARP wave therapy.  

As a result of injury, you may experience muscle atrophy because of the body’s inactivity. When body parts rest long, the body carries proteins for other functions, weakening muscles.  

However, you must engage yourself in small exercises even after the injury. But if you are experiencing a severe injury, you may feel unable to do more.  

When your scar tissue breaks down in severe injuries, the healthcare provider improves healing with ARP wave therapy. Through this therapy, your care provider sends electric currents into your nervous system to stimulate blood circulation.  

Chiropractic care   

Chiropractic care is an alternative procedure for pain management. Many care providers believe that a properly aligned musculoskeletal structure helps in body healing. They use manipulation to restore joint locomotion; chiropractic care as a pain relief alternative.   

How long pain takes to heal?  

Pain management starts working within an hour and may last three to four hours. Although a painkiller is safe for many patients, your healthcare provider may advise against using medications if you have other health issues. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis or lower back pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are not enough.  

Benefits of visiting a pain specialist  

A relaxed body improves life quality. If you experience soreness or aches, consult your pain specialist at the earliest opportunity. Discover the benefits of visiting a pain management specialist.  

Personalized care   

When you visit a general healthcare provider for pain diseases, you may need help. They will recommend you to pain specialists. Pain specialists help you with proper diagnosis and treatments.  

First, the healthcare provider assesses your medical condition and determines your suitable treatment. He may consider many factors, like other medical conditions and medical history.   

Long-lasting pain management  

Most patients with pain undergo self-treatment with painkillers. However, painkillers only provide short-term benefits. If you want long-lasting pain relief, you must visit a pain management clinic like Complete Medical Wellness.  

You may discover many treatment options and opt for the best one. They will select treatment with painkiller medications, injections, and other techniques; your pain can alleviate for months and more.  

Get your life back.  

Pain has a bad effect on your daily life, reducing your quality of life. You may not work or perform routine activity properly when you have mild or chronic pain. Are you looking for a pain consultant to help you improve your quality of life? You can manage your pain with proper treatment through the help of a pain consultant. You can get the life quality of life back through effective treatment.  


Complete Medical Wellness offers the services of a pain specialist that help you with pain relief. Our pain management healthcare providers help you in overcoming pain issues. Pain management specialists use a wide range of non-surgical treatments and complementary therapies. 


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