Vaping is a common activity nowadays. As everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to the health so, vaping is the safe alternative. Even doctors recommend vaping to the patients so, they can leave the act of smoking.

Nicotine present in vape products is less damaging to the health as compared to smoking products.

The utilization of Custom Vape Boxes is rapidly increasing. People love to buy boxes that are safe for the environment and adorable as well. If you are running a vape brand and want to have some outstanding packaging then read below to have outstanding vape packaging:

Attractive Boxes

It doesn’t matter what you are selling inside the boxes. The thing which matters is how your boxes look from the outside.

To have outstanding packaging, you have to stand out from the competition by offering the customers outstanding boxes.

To design the graceful boxes just create a mood board. With the help of this board, you will be able to decide on elegant packaging.

So, go for adding the patterns. The patterns are responsible to attract the maximum limelight on the go. You can choose the sleeve box style. After choosing this shape now add the floral imprints on the boxes with a combination of vibrant colors.

However, the vibrant colors are so attractive to catch the maximum sight on the shelves.

Other than the addition of the pattern you can also add the stripes, geometric shapes, and polka dots on the Custom Vape Packaging to grab the eyes of the customers.

Make sure that the design you follow is vibrant and abstract as well.

Keep the Designing Simple

You can design the boxes simply to catch the onlooker’s sight. The clean and uncluttered packaging looks soothing to the eyes. The vapes will look elegant in this kind of packaging.

But ensure that you don’t merge up the boring packaging with the simple packaging. For the simplistic packaging, you can utilize bold typography with neutral color tones.

Therefore, go for this.

Ensure the Protection of the Vape Products

Vapes require protected and defensive packaging because most of the vape products are made up of glass components.

It is important to safeguard the vape pens from the outside environment, and humidity as well. The tough and strong material keeps the vapes protected and safeguards them for even a longer time frame.

You can choose the Kraft and cardstock material. However, both materials are secure and good for shipment as well.

The outer packaging has a great effect on individuals. People love to purchase things that look astounding. Presenting the vape products in wonderful boxes can be great for advancing a business.

By hiring a good packaging company, you can make your Custom Vape Packaging Boxes design worthy. However, if you feel the act of designing is a little more time-consuming then you can avail of the ready-made boxes offered by the companies.

Onlookers generally put their eyes on attractive packaging. Hence, if you want to advance your vape business, then adopt the latest trend in the packaging as well.

Customize the boxes to make an elegant vape gift box

You can freely design Custom Vape Gift Boxes. Vape Gift Boxes can be made in an assortment of adjustable shapes including squares, blocks, and pencil form shapes. You can additionally adjust these boxes in different sizes depending on the number of vapes.

Moreover, pick a rigid material case to encase your vape mods. The two-piece style box will add limelight to the vape gift box.

Additionally, you can likewise add the labels of “to” and “from” on the front side of the box to make your gift boxes extraordinary as the clients don’t need to purchase a different card to compose these subtleties.


You can offer the customers the multi packaging technique. Like you can offer the vape pen product combination with the lipstick.

That will be an alluring idea. That the females can vape and as well as your product will be sold as the cosmetic product.

How might you make this packaging more interesting to the customers? Make your Custom Vape Boxes effective that they can acquire the buyer’s consideration immediately. Further, go for the addition of different shadings or illustrations on the boxes to advance the racks. Go for picking the brighter color tones to encase your vape mods. You can likewise add pictures of the vape flavors on the boxes to create uniqueness.

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